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Accessibility Planning: Problems, Theories, and PracticesWang, JJ2004120
Acid precipitation and surface waters in Hong KongPeart, MR1995132
Acid precipitation and surface-water acidity in Hong KongGuan, D; Peart, MR200179
Acid rain, storm period chemistry and their potential impact on stream communities in Hong KongPeart, MR2000120
An adaptive inverse-distance weighting spatial interpolation techniqueLu, GY; Wong, DW200827
Addressing quality issues of historical GIS data: An example of Republican BeijingWong, DW; So, BKL; Zhang, P201222
Advanced producer services industries in Hong Kong and Shenzhen: Struggles towards integrationChan, TWG; Zhao, SXB2012130
Age of the MGS5 segment of the Milanggouwan stratigraphical section and evolution of the desert environment on a kiloyear scale during the Last Interglacial in China's Salawusu River Valley: Evidence from Rb and Sr contents and ratiosDu, S; Li, B; Niu, D; Zhang, DD; Wen, X; Chen, D; Yang, Y; Wang, F2011214
Age-related decline of stand biomass accumulation is primarily due to mortality and not to reduction in NPP associated with individual tree physiology, tree growth or stand structure in a Quercus-dominated forestXu, CY; Turnbull, MH; Tissue, DT; Lewis, JD; Carson, R; Schuster, WSF; Whitehead, D; Walcroft, AS; Li, J; Griffin, KL201269
Algorithm for computer-generated equidistance linesLai, PohChin; Fei, Lifan198892
Alkaline rains on the Tibetan Plateau and their implication for the original pH of natural rainfallZhang, DD; Peart, MR; Jim, CY; La, J2002189
The allocation and transportation of Shanxi coal in China: a simulationLeung, CK; Wang, JJ1994104
Altitudinal variability of climate-tree growth relationships along a consistent slope of Anyemaqen Mountains, northeastern Tibetan PlateauPeng, J; Gou, X; Chen, F; Li, J; Liu, P; Zhang, Y200860
Amelioration of soil problems for improved performance of roadside treesJim, CY199891
Amenities and disamenities: A hedonic analysis of the heterogeneous urban landscape in Shenzhen (China)Chen, WY; Jim, CY2010173
Analysis of impacts of sedimentation on flooding disasters in ChinaShi, CX; Zhang, D2000126
An analysis of new-tech agglomeration in Beijing: a new industrial district in the making?Wang, J; Wang, JJ1998171
Analysis of the pH of daily rainfall at a rural site in Hong Kong, 1989-1993Sequeira, R; Peart, MR199567
Analysis on Chemical Composition of Rainfall on the Tibet PlateauZhang, D; Shi, C; Jiala, J200590
Applicability of the market appeal - Robusticity matrix: A case study of heritage tourismLi, Y; Lo, RLB200490
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