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A safe laparoscopic technique for the repair of inguinal hernias in boysChan, KL; Tam, PKH200366
A safe technique for the insertion of Hickman catheter into the internal jugular veinFan, ST198868
Safe tracheostomy for patients with severe acute respiratory syndromeWei, WI; Tuen, HH; Ng, RWM; Lam, LK2003116
Safety and Efficacy of Radiofrequency Ablation for Periductal Hepatocellular Carcinoma with Intraductal Cooling of the Central Bile DuctLam, VWT; Ng, KKC; Chok, KSH; Cheung, TT; Wat, J; Fan, ST; Poon, RTP2008143
Safety and efficacy of radiofrequency ablation for perivascular hepatocellular carcinoma without inflow occlusion (Abstract)Ng, KKC; Poon, RTP; Lam, CM; Yuen, J; Tso, WK; Fan, ST200474
Safety and Necessity of Including the Middle Hepatic Vein in the Right Lobe Graft in Adult-to-Adult Live Donor Liver TransplantationFan, ST; Lo, CM; Liu, CL; Wang, WX; Wong, J2003292
Safety and outcome of hepatitis B core antibody-positive donors in right lobe living donor liver transplantation (Abstract)Lo, CM; Fan, ST; Liu, CL; Yong, BH; Chan, JK; Ng, IOL; Wong, J200187
Safety and outcome of hepatitis B core antibody-positive donors in right-lobe living donor liver transplantationLo, CM; Fan, ST; Liu, CL; Yong, BH; Wong, Y; Ng, IOL; Wong, J2003133
Safety donor right hepatectomy without abdominal drainage: A prospective evaluation in 100 consecutive liver donorsLiu, CL; Fan, ST; Lo, CM; Chan, SC; Yong, BH; Wong, J2005139
Safety limit of large-volume hepatic radiofrequency ablation in a rat modelNg, KK; Lam, CM; Poon, RT; Shek, TW; Ho, DW; Fan, ST2006133
Safety of donor right hepatectomy for live donor liver transplantation without abdominal drainage (Abstract)Liu, CL; Fan, ST; Lo, CM; Chan, SC; Wong, J200465
Safety of donors in live donor liver transplantation using right lobe graftsFan, ST; Lo, CM; Liu, CL; Yong, BH; Chan, JKF; Ng, IOL200093
Safety of donors in live-donor liver transplantation using right lobe graft (abstract)Fan, ST; Lo, CM; Liu, CL; Yong, BH; Chan, JKF; Ng, IOL199980
Safety of duct-to-duct biliary reconstruction in right-lobe live-donor liver transplantation without biliary drainageLiu, CL; Lo, CM; Chan, SC; Fan, ST200462
Safety of intra-operative vasopressor in free jejunal flap reconstructionChan, YW; Chow, VLY; Liu, HL201326
Salvage neck dissection after radiation and/or chemotherapyWei, WI200466
Salvage of recurrent head and neck squamous cell carcinoma after primary curative surgeryWong, LY; Wei, WI; Lam, LK; Yuen, APW2003100
Salvage surgery for recurrent primary nasopharyngeal carcinomaWei, WI200074
SARS and its effect on medical education in Hong KongPatil, NG; Chan Ho Yan, Y2003111
Schizophrenia and hypocalcaemia: Variable phenotype of deletion at chromosome 22q11Chow, LY; GarciaBarcelo, M; Wing, YK; Waye, MMY199966
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