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The C-H-O isotope systematics of the Yangshan gold deposit, Gansu and its implication for the ore-fluid originLi, J; Chen, YJ; Li, QZ; Mao, SD; Qin, Y; Guo, JH; Nan, ZL; Yang, RS2008216
CagA status and not HP status predicts the risk of gastric cancer in population with moderate prevalence of H. pylori infection (abstract)Chan, AOO; Wong, BCY; Chu, KM; Lam, SK; Kwok, E; Lai, KC; Hu, HC; Ching, CK; Covacci, A199873
Can gastrografin heal the obstructed bowel? (For reply)Choi, HK; Chu, KW; Law, WL200388
Can local secretion of prostaglandin E2, Thromboxane B 2, and interleukin-6 play a role in ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm?Cheuk, BLY; Cheng, SWK2008102
Can Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) replace Traditional Clinical Examination (TCE)? (abstract)Patil, NG; Saing, H; Wong, J1999102
Can positron emission tomography with the dual tracers [ 11C]acetate and [ 18F]fludeoxyglucose predict microvascular invasion in hepatocellular carcinoma?Cheung, TT; Chan, SC; Ho, CL; Chok, KSH; Chan, ACY; Sharr, WW; Ng, KKC; Poon, RTP; Lo, CM; Fan, ST2011430
Can small hepatocellular carcinoma be cured by percutaneous acetic acid injection therapy?Fan, ST199739
Cancer of the nasopharynx: functinoal surgical salvageWei, WI200370
Cancer of the nasopharynx: Functional surgical salvageWei, WI200385
Cancer of the oesophagus and gastric cardia: standard oesophagectomy and anastomotic techniqueFok, M; Wong, J199556
Cancer stem cell as a potential therapeutic target in hepatocellular carcinomaPang, RWC; Poon, RTP2012123
Capecitabine monotherapy for recurrent and metastatic nasopharyngeal cancerChua, D; Wei, WI; Sham, JST; Au, GKH2008172
Capsule endoscopy for gastrointestinal bleeding of obscure originChan, FS; Chu, KM2008106
Carbon monoxide inhalation rescues mice from fulminant hepatitis through improving hepatic energy metabolismTsui, TY; Obed, A; Siu, YT; Yet, SF; Prantl, L; Schlitt, HJ; Fan, ST2007105
Carboxyl-terminal truncated HBx regulates a distinct microRNA transcription program in Hepatocellular carcinoma developmentYip, WK; Cheng, ASL; Zhu, R; Lung, RWM; Tsang, DPF; Lau, SSK; Chen, Y; Sung, JG; Lai, PBS; Ng, EKO; Yu, J; Wong, N; To, KF; Wong, VWS; Sung, JJY; Chan, HLY2011156
Carcinoid tumour of the kidney in a Chinese woman presenting with loin painChung, HY; Lau, WH; Chu, SM; Collins, RJ; Tam, PC2007121
Carcinoma of esophagus in patients 45 years of age or younger (Abstract)Seto, CL; Law, SYK; Wong, J200347
Carcinoma of the colon with synchronous hepatic metastasis in a cirrhotic liver harboring a hepatocellular carcinomaSiu, DCW; Lam, CM; Yuen, ST; Fan, ST1999112
Carcinoma of the nasopharynxWei, WI199851
Cardiac positioning using an apical suction device maintains beating heart hemodynamicsSepic, J; Wee, JO; Soltesz, EG; Hsin, MK; Cohn, LH; Laurence, RG; Aklog, L200216
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