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Administrative reform in a changing political environment: the case of Hong KongBurns, JP1994130
After renaissance: China's multilateral offensive in the developing world1Sohn, I2012126
Against Pogge’s 'Cosmopolitanism'Steinhoff, UB201331
An Alternative Understanding of Political Participation: Challenging the Myth of Political Indifference in Hong KongLam, WM2003142
An alternative viewChan, J199750
Analyzing the dynamic complexity of development interventions: Lessons from an irrigation experiment in NepalLam, WF; Ostrom, E2010176
Anti-Discrimination Legislation and Gender Equality in Hong Kong: A Philosophical and Jurisprudential DiscussionLee, EWY1996268
APEC and Future Asia-Pacific Regional ArchitectureHu, RWX200985
Arrêt sur les droits de l'homme en ChineBell, EAD; Chan, J200151
Asian financial cooperation: The problem of legitimacy in global financial governanceSohn, I200571
Beijing and the Myanmar problemHolliday, I200967
Beijing's defense strategy and the Korean peninsulaHu, W199557
Benbaji on killing in war and 'the war convention'Steinhoff, U2010124
Beyond pedagogy: Language and identity in post-colonial Hong KongChan, E2002115
Beyond the N-Tests: Managing the Nuclear Arms Race in South AsiaHu, RW199881
The Blair Government and the Core ExecutiveBurch, M; Holliday, I200458
Building e-government in East and Southeast Asia: Regional rhetoric and national (in)actionHolliday, I200271
Business as usual: The dynamics of government-business relations in the Hong Kong special administrative regionTang, JTH1999113
The Changing Cross-boundary Interactions between State and Society in South China'Cheung, PTY2005108
The changing natures of the state: the case of ChinaBurns, JP2006183
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