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Ultra-low background measurements in a large volume underground detector: Borexino CollaborationAlimonti, G; Anghloher, G; Arpesella, C; Balata, M; Bellini, G; Benziger, J; Bonetti, S; Cadonati, L; Calaprice, FP; Cecchet, G; Chen, M; Darnton, N; De Bari, A; Deutsch, M; Elisei, F; Von Feilitzsch, F; Galbiati, C; Gatti, F; Giammarchi, MG; Giugni, D; Goldbrunner, T; Golubchikov, A; Goretti, A; Hagner, T; Hartmann, FX; Von Hentig, R; Heusser, G; Ianni, A; Jochum, J; Johnson, M; Laubenstein, M; Lombardi, P; Magni, S; Malvezzi, S; Manno, I; Manuzio, G; Masetti, F; Mazzucato, U; Meroni, E; Neff, M; Nostro, A; Oberauer, L; Perotti, A; Preda, A; Raghavan, RS; Ranucci, G; Resconi, E; Ruscitti, M; Scardaoni, R; Schönert, S; Smirnov, O; Tartaglia, R; Testera, G; Ullucci, P; Vogelaar, RB; Vitale, S; Wojcik, M; Zaimidoroga, O1998192
Ultrafast consensus via predictive mechanismsZhang, HT; Zhiqiang Chen, M; Zhou, T; Stan, GB200884
Ultrahigh-crystalline-quality silicon pillars formed by millimeter-wave annealing of amorphous silicon on glassLiu, F; Jones, KM; Xu, Y; Nemeth, W; Lohr, J; Neilson, J; Romero, MJ; AlJassim, MM; Young, DL2009145
Understanding acoustoplasticity through dislocation dynamics simulationsSiu, KW; Ngan, AHW2011125
Unified gradient approach to performance optimization under a pole assignment constraintHu, TS; Lin, ZL; Lam, J200470
Uniform surface polished method of complex holes in abrasive flow machiningWang, AC; Tsai, L; Liang, KZ; Liu, CH; Weng, SH2009127
Unique vortex and stripe domain structures in PbTiO 3 epitaxial nanodotsHong, L; Soh, AK201192
A universal relation for the stress dependence of activation energy for slip in body-centered cubic crystalsNgan, AHW; Zhang, HF1999286
Universal three-dimensional connection hexahedral elements based on hybrid-stress theory for solid structuresWu, D; Lo, SH; Sheng, N; Sze, KY2010319
Universality of design and its evolution. Comment on "The constructal law and the evolution of design in nature"Wang, L201169
Unsteady convective boundary layer flow of a viscous fluid at a vertical surface with variable fluid propertiesVajravelu, K; Prasad, KV; Ng, CO2013116
Unsteady flow and heat transfer in a thin film of Ostwald-de Waele liquid over a stretching surfaceVajravelu, K; Prasad, KV; Ng, CO2012166
Unsteady free-surface waves due to a submerged body moving in a viscous fluidLu, DQ; Chwang, ATY2005255
Upper and lower bounds for evaluation of nonlinear fracture parametersSze, KY; Wu, CC; Huang, YQ199960
Urban heat island and its effect on the cooling and heating demands in urban and suburban areas of Hong KongMemon, RA; Leung, DYC; Liu, CH; Leung, MKH2011607
Use of focused ion beam milling for investigating the mechanical properties of biological tissues: A study of human primary molarsChan, YL; Ngan, AHW; King, NM2009183
Use of mathcad as a calculation tool for water waves over a stratified muddy bedNg, CO; Chiu, HS2009205
Use of precedent cases in computer-aided design of offshore structuresSoh, CheeKiong; Soh, AiKah1994102
The use of rapid prototyping to assist medical applicationsGibson, I; Cheung, LK; Chow, SP; Cheung, WL; Beh, SL; Savalani, M; Lee, SH2006220
Using AHP and fuzzy sets to determine the build orientation in layer-based machiningYang, ZY; Chen, YH; Sze, WS2003140
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