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Technical note microfluidic method for synthesizing cu2o nanofluidsWei, X; Wang, L2010152
Technological development of hydrogen production by solid oxide electrolyzer cell (SOEC)Ni, M; Leung, MKH; Leung, DYC2008152
Technology development in nano-sized photocatalyst powder preparation technologiesNi, M; Leung, MKH; Leung, DYC2006138
Technology development of titanium dioxide photocatalytic water-splitting for hydrogen productionNi, M; Leung, M; Sumathy, K2005183
Tele-operation and simulation for a new surgical robot designYe, R; Wang, S; Chen, Y2011105
A TEM investigation on indentation plastic zones in Ni3Al(Cr,B) single crystalsChiu, YL; Ngan, AHW200272
TEM measurement of nanoindentation plastic zones in Ni3AlWo, PC; Ngan, AHW; Chiu, YL2006194
TEM study of electron beam-induced crystallization of amorphous GeSi filmsXu, ZW; Ngan, AHW2004131
TEM study of the deformation structures around nano-scratchesWo, PC; Jones, IP; Ngan, AHW2008266
Temperature jump coefficient for superhydrophobic surfacesNg, CO; Wang, CY20147
Temperature mapping and thermal lensing in large-mode, high-power laser diodesChan, PKL; Pipe, KP; Plant, JJ; Swint, RB; Juodawlkis, PW200672
Temperature-coefficient-of-resistance characteristics of sputter-deposited NixAl1-x thin films for 0.5 < x < 1Anand, TJS; Ng, HP; Ngan, AHW; Meng, XK2003139
Template-free synthesis of hierarchical porous SnO2Li, G; Leung, MKH2010305
Temporal-spatial analysis of severe acute respiratory syndrome among hospital inpatientsYu, ITS; Tze, WW; Yuk, LC; Lee, N; Li, Y2005340
Tensile deformation of silver micro-wires of small thickness-to-grain-size ratiosChen, XX; Ngan, AHW2012160
Tensile deformation of single-wall carbon nanotube based on a quasi-continuous analysisWang, Y; Fang, D; Ma, G; Soh, AK2004108
Tetragonal micro/nanotwins in 0.91Pb (Zn 1/3Nb 2/3)O 3 - 0.09 PbTiO 3 revealed by reciprocal space mappingChang, WS; Lim, LC; Yang, P; Miao, H; Tu, CS; Chen, Q; Soh, AK200976
Tetragonal micro/nanotwins in 0.91Pb(Zn1/3Nb2/3)O-3-0.09PbTiO(3) revealed by reciprocal space mappingChang, WS; Lim, LC; Yang, P; Miao, H; Tu, CS; Chen, QM; Soh, AK2009607
Texture and microstructure development in a cold-rolled duplex stainless steel annealed at 800 °CShek, CH; Shen, GJ; Lai, JKL; Duggan, BJ199472
Texture and structure development in cross-rolled α brassYeung, WY; Duggan, BJ198654
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