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Saturated linear quadratic regulation of uncertain linear systems: Stability region estimation and controller designHuang, S; Lam, J200274
Scaffolding in tissue engineering – General approaches and tissue-specific considerations (2008)Chan, BP; Leong, K2008240
Scattering and radiation of water waves by permeable barriersLee, MM; Chwang, ATY2000445
Scattering of surface waves by a semi-infinite floating elastic plateSahoo, T; Yip, TL; Chwang, ATY2001308
SCF design equations for steel multiplanar tubular XT-jointsChiew, SP; Soh, CK; Soh, AK; Fung, TC; Lee, WM1996119
SCF equations for DT/X square-to-round tubular jointsSoh, AK; Soh, CK199161
SCF equations for T/Y and K square-to-round tubular jointsSoh, AiKah; Soh, CheeKiong198989
SCF equations for TK square-to-round tubular jointsSoh, AiKah; Soh, CheeKiong199265
Scheme for automatic dimensioning of CSG defined partsYuen, MMF; Tan, ST; Yu, KM198876
A screw dislocation interacting with an interfacial crack in two dissimilar piezoelectric mediaSoh, AK; Liu, JX; Fang, DN2002161
Script H sign∞ model reduction of linear systems with distributed delayLam, J; Gao, H; Wang, C200560
Second law of thermodynamics and arithmetic-mean-geometric-mean inequalityWang, L199998
Second order wave diffraction forces and runup by finite-infinite element methodLi, BY; Lau, SL; Ng, CO199167
A second-order solution for the solitary wave in a rotational flowChow, KW198960
Secondary flow phenomena in a rotating radial straight square channelCheng, KC; Wang, L1996140
The secret behind the maskLi, Y201176
Selection of build orientation with minimum tensile strainChen, Z; Chen, Y201068
Selective laser sintering and its application in biomedical engineeringDuan, B; Wang, M2011108
Selective laser sintering of Poly(L-Lactide) porous scaffolds for bone tissue engineeringLee, SH; Zhou, W; Wang, M; Cheung, WL; Ip, WY2008414
Selective laser sintering of porous tissue engineering scaffolds from poly(L-lactide)/carbonated hydroxyapatite nanocomposite microspheresZhou, WY; Lee, SH; Wang, M; Cheung, WL; Ip, WY2008286
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