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Observer design and stabilization for linear neutral delay systemsChen, B; Lam, J; Wang, Z200585
Observer-based fault detection scheme for a class of discrete time-delay systemsZhong, M; Zhang, C; Ding, SX; Lam, J200493
Observer-based output feedback control for discrete systems with quantised inputsZhang, J; Lam, J; Xia, Y2011620
Observer-based sliding mode control for nonlinear state-delayed systemsNiu, Y; Lam, J; Wang, X; Ho, DWC2004102
Observing and quantifying airflows in the infection control of aerosol- and airborne-transmitted diseases: An overview of approachesTang, JW; Noakes, CJ; Nielsen, PV; Eames, I; Nicolle, A; Li, Y; Settles, GS2011465
Occupational exposure to volatile organic compounds and mitigation by push-pull local exhaust ventilation in printing plantsLeung, MKH; Liu, CH; Chan, AHS2005198
On a capillarity model and the Davey-Stewartson I system: Quasi-doubly periodic wave patternsRogers, C; Chow, KW; Conte, R200774
On a moving Griffith crack in anistropic piezoelectric solidsSoh, AK; Liu, JX; Lee, KL; Fang, DN200278
On a novel class of model constitutive laws in nonlinear elasticity (Proceedings in Nonlinear Physics, Theory and Experiments)Rogers, CW; Schief, WK; Chow, KW200796
On absolute stability method for quantized feedback controlZhou, B; Duan, GR; Lam, J2010143
On cells and microbands formed in an interstitial-free steel during cold rolling at low to medium reductionsChen, QZ; Duggan, BJ200455
On computation of the stability radius for nonlinearly structured perturbationsYan, WY; Lam, J199873
On deformation mechanisms of β-polypropylene 2. Changes of lamellar structure caused by tensile loadLi, JX; Cheung, WL; Chan, CM199975
On deformation mechanisms of β-polypropylene 3. Lamella structures after necking and cold drawingLi, JX; Cheung, WL; Chan, CM199975
On distribution of contact forces in random granular packingsNgan, AHW2004111
On doubly periodic standing wave solutions of the coupled Higgs field equationFan, EG; Chow, KW; Li, JH2012181
On equivalence and efficiency of certain stability criteria for time-delay systemsXu, S; Lam, J2007369
On exponential almost sure stability of random jump systemsLi, C; Chen, MZ; Lam, J; Mao, X201278
On finite-time stability for nonlinear impulsive switched systemsWang, Y; Shi, X; Zuo, Z; Chen, MZ; Shao, Y201272
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