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D-type learning control for nonlinear time-varying systems with unknown initial states and inputsYan, XG; Chen, IM; Lam, J2001100
Darboux covariant Lax pairs and infinite conservation laws of the (2+1)-dimensional breaking soliton equationFan, E; Chow, KW201187
Darcy-Brinkman Flow Through a Corrugated ChannelNg, CO; Wang, CY2010475
Data reduction in integrated reverse engineering and rapid prototypingChen, YH; Ng, CT; Wang, YZ1999143
Data structure and algorithms for virtual prototyping of heterogeneous objectsKou, XY; Tan, ST200659
A data-driven process for estimating nonlinear material modelsKou, XY; Tan, ST; Lipson, H201172
Decay rate constrained stabilization of positive systems using static output feedbackFeng, JE; Lam, J; Li, P; Shu, Z2011431
Decellularization of chondrocyte-encapsulated collagen microspheres: A three-dimensional model to study the effects of acellular matrix on stem cell fateCheng, HW; Tsui, YK; Cheung, KMC; Chan, D; Chan, BP2009268
Decellularized bovine intervertebral disc as a natural scaffold for xenogenic cell studiesChan, LKY; Leung, VYL; Tam, V; Lu, WW; Sze, KY; Cheung, KMC2013118
Decentralized adaptive pinning control for cluster synchronization of complex dynamical networksSu, H; Rong, Z; Chen, MZQ; Wang, XF; Chen, GR; Wang, H2013111
Decentralized control of compartmental networks with H∞ tracking performanceLi, P; Lam, J201325
Decentralized control of nonlinear large-scale systems using dynamic output feedbackYan, XG; Lam, J; Li, HS; Chen, IM200068
Decentralized H ∞-controller design for nonlinear systemsYang, GH; Wang, J; Soh, CB; Lam, J1999480
Decentralized H∞ control and reliability analysis for symmetric composite systems: Dynamic output feedback caseLam, J; Huang, S200767
Decentralized H∞:ControI for composite systemsYang, G; Lam, J; Zhang, S199675
Decentralized robust control for nonlinear large-scale systems with similarityYan, XG; Lam, J; Dai, GZ199996
Decentralized stabilization of large-scale interconnected time-delay systemsXu, B; Lam, J199973
A decomposition theorem of motionWang, L199673
Deconvolution filtering for stochastic systems via homogeneous polynomial Lyapunov functionsZhang, B; Lam, J; Xu, S2009163
The defects formed before FCC→HCP transition in the intermetallic compound Fe3GeChen, Q; Chu, W; Ngan, AHW; Duggan, BJ199966
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