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3D automatic optimization strategy for design of centrifugal compressor impeller bladesYiu, KFC; Zangeneh, M1998185
A- and D-optimal designs for a log contrast model for experiments with mixturesChan, PLY; Guan, Y2001135
A- and E-optimal orthogonal block designs for a quadratic mixture model for three componentsChan, PLY; Sandhu, MK1999114
A-optimal designs for an additive quadratic mixture modelChan, LY; Guan, YN; Zhang, CQ1998381
Active Scheduling for Hybrid Flowshop with Family Setup Time and Inconsistent Family FormationLuo, H; Zhang, A; Huang, GQ201345
An adaptive genetic algorithm for manufacturing cell formationMak, KL; Wong, YS; Wang, XX200082
An adaptive genetic algorithm with dominated genes for distributed scheduling problemsChan, FTS; Chung, SH; Chan, PLY2005136
Adaptive state space partitioning for reinforcement learningLee, ISK; Lau, HYK2004144
Agent- and CORBA-based application integration platform for an agile manufacturing environmentChan, FTS; Zhang, J; Li, P2003198
Agent-based architecture for manufacturing system controlFan, CK; Wong, TN2003118
An agent-based dynamic routing strategy for automated material handling systemsLau, HYK; Woo, SO2008245
An agent-based framework for cooperating expert systems in concurrent engineeringHuang, GQ199465
Agent-based gateway operating system for RFID-enabled ubiquitous manufacturing enterprisesFang, J; Huang, GQ201329
Agent-based modeling of supply chains for distributed schedulingLau, JSK; Huang, GQ; Mak, HKL; Liang, L2006436
An agent-based negotiation approach to integrate process planning and schedulingWong, TN; Leung, CW; Mak, KL; Fung, RYK2006638
Agent-based Smart Gateway for RFID-enabled real-time wireless manufacturingZhang, Y; Qu, T; Ho, OK; Huang, GQ2011476
Agent-based smart objects management system for real-time ubiquitous manufacturingZhang, Y; Huang, GQ; Qu, T; Ho, O; Sun, S2012532
Agent-based workflow management for RFID-enabled real-time reconfigurable manufacturingZhang, Y; Huang, GQ; Qu, T; Ho, O2010268
Agent-based workflow management in collaborative product development on the InternetHuang, GQ; Huang, J; Mak, KL2000195
Airfoil design via optimal control theoryYiu, CKF; Mak, KL; Teo, KL2005112
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