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The value of 18F-FDG PET/contrast-enhanced CT in detection of tumor thrombusLee, EYP; Khong, PL201359
Value of intra-arterial calcium stimulated venous sampling for regionalization of pancreatic insulinomasLo, CY; Chan, FL; Tam, SCF; Cheng, PW; Fan, ST; Lam, KSL; Inabnet, B; Proye, C2000106
Varicocele: laparoscopic clipping and colour Doppler follow-upSun, N; Cheung, TT; Khong, PL; Chan, KL; Tam, PKH200157
Video-fluoroscopic study of swallowing in children with neurodevelopmental disordersFung, CW; Khong, PL; To, R; Goh, W; Wong, V2004119
Voxel-based analysis of postnatal white matter microstructure in mice exposed to immune challenge in early or late pregnancyLi, Q; Cheung, C; Wei, R; Cheung, V; Hui, ES; You, Y; Wong, P; Chua, SE; McAlonan, GM; Wu, EX2010212
The walk of a flamingoPeh, CG; Clark, JA1995173
Warfarin associated intracerebral hemorrhage in Hong Kong ChineseTeo, K C; Mahboobani, N R; Lee, R; Siu, DCW; Cheung, RTF; Ho, SL; Lau, GKK; Chan, KH201429
Water saturation shift referencing (WASSR) for chemical exchange saturation transfer (CEST) experimentsKim, M; Gillen, J; Landman, BA; Zhou, J; Van Zijl, PCM2009122
'Western' or 'Asian' intravascular large B-cell lymphoma?Yeung, CK; Trendell-Smith, NL; Mak, HKF; Lam, CCK; Kwong, YL200976
White matter anisotropy in childhood medulloblastoma survivors: Association with neurotoxicity risk factorsKhong, PL; Leung, LHT; Chan, GCF; Kwong, DLW; Wong, WHS; Cao, G; Ooi, GC2005119
White matter anisotropy in post-treatment childhood cancer survivors: Preliminary evidence of association with neurocognitive functionKhong, PL; Leung, LHT; Fung, ASM; Fong, DYT; Qiu, D; Kwong, DLW; Ooi, GC; McAlanon, G; Cao, G; Chan, GCF2006186
White matter development in adolescence: diffusion tensor imaging and meta-analytic resultsPeters, BD; Szeszko, PR; Radua, J; Ikuta, T; Gruner, P; DeRosse, P; Zhang, JP; Giorgio, A; Qiu, D; Tapert, SF; Brauer, J; Asato, MR; Khong, PL; James, AC; Gallego, JA; Malhotra, AK2012110
White matter fractional anisotrophy differences and correlates of diagnostic symptoms in autismCheung, C; Chua, SE; Cheung, V; Khong, PL; Tai, KS; Wong, TKW; Ho, TP; McAlonan, GM2009152
White matter volume and anisotropy in preterm children: A pilot study of neurocognitive correlatesYung, A; Poon, G; Qiu, DQ; Chu, J; Lam, B; Leung, C; Goh, W; Khong, PL2007154
White-matter diffusion anisotropy after chemo-irradiation: A statistical parametric mapping study and histogram analysisLeung, LHT; Ooi, GC; Kwong, DLW; Chan, GCF; Cao, G; Khong, PL2004149
Whole-body diffusion-weighted imaging: The added value to whole-body MRI at initial diagnosis of lymphomaGu, J; Chan, T; Zhang, J; Leung, AYH; Kwong, YL; Khong, PL2011560
Whole-body PET/CT scanning: Estimation of radiation dose and cancer riskHuang, B; Law, MWM; Khong, PL2009112
β-thalassemia Major: Thin-Section CT Features and Correlation with Pulmonary Function and Iron OverloadKhong, PL; Chan, GCF; Lee, SL; Au, WY; Fong, DYT; Tsang, KWT; Ooi, GC2003110
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