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B-value dependence of DTI quantitation and sensitivity in detecting neural tissue changesHui, ES; Cheung, MM; Chan, KC; Wu, EX2010205
Basal Ganglia Germinoma: MRI Classification Correlates Well With Neurological and Cognitive OutcomeTso, WYW; Yung, AWY; Lau, HY; Chan, GCF201321
Bevacizumab-based therapy for advanced small bowel adenocarcinomaTsang, H; Yau, T; Khong, PL; Epstein, RJ200880
Bilateral substantia nigra and pyramidal tract changes following experimental intracerebral hemorrhage: an MR diffusion tensor imaging studyFan, S; Lee, FY; Cheung, MMH; Ding, Y; Yang, J; Ma, SJ; Khong, PL; Wu, EX201233
Biliary reconstruction and complications of right lobe live donor liver transplantationFan, ST; Lo, CM; Liu, CL; Tso, WK; Wong, J2002321
Blood oxygen level-dependent functional magnetic resonance imaging in preoperative brain mapping and making surgical decisionsMak, HKF; Zhang, L; Feng, ZT; Yeung, DKW; Chan, DTM; Zhu, XL; Poon, WS2011179
Bone marrow necrosis in bone marrow transplantation: The role of MR imagingChim, CS; Ooi, C; Ma, SK; Lam, C1998456
Bone metastases from gastrointestinal stromal tumour: Correlation with positron emission tomography-computed tomographyChu, TYC; Wong, CS200996
Bridging Intimate Partner Violence and the Human Brain: A Literature ReviewWong, JYH; Fong, DYT; Lai, V; Tiwari, AFY201425
Carotid stenting for irradiation-associated carotid stenosis 3 years after previous carotid endarterectomyTing, ACW; Cheng, SWK; Cheng, PW2003245
Case 2. Mantle-cell lymphoma of the prostate glandChim, CS; Loong, F; Yau, T; Ooi, GC; Liang, R200386
A case of cerebellar hypoplasia in a Chinese infant with osteogenesis imperfectaZhou, LJ; Khong, PL; Wong, KY; Ooi, GC2004451
Case report: Sacral insufficiency fractures masking malignancyPeh, WCG; Khong, PL; Ho, WY199761
Central nervous system inflammatory demyelinating disorders among Hong Kong ChineseChan, KH; Lee, R; Lee, JCY; Tse, CTA; Pang, SYY; Lau, GKK; Teo, KC; Ho, WL201349
Central palatal perforation in nasal natural killer cell lymphomaKwong, YL; Khong, PL2011324
Cerebral motor cortical mapping: Awake procedure is preferable to general anaesthesiaChan, DT; Kan, PK; Lam, JM; Zhu, XL; Chan, YL; Mak, HKF; Wong, TYY; Poon, WS2010142
Characterization of white matter injury in a hypoxic-ischemic neonatal rat model by diffusion tensor MRIWang, S; Wu, EX; Tam, CN; Lau, HF; Cheung, PT; Khong, PL200813,796
Cheung JS, Fan SJ, Chow AM, Hui ES, Wu EX. In vivo DTI assessment of hepatic ischemia reperfusion injury in an experimental rat model. J Magn Reson Imaging 2009;30:890–895Cheung, JS; Fan, SJ; Chow, AM; Hui, ES; Wu, EX201075
Childhood acute disseminated encephalomyelitis: The role of brain and spinal cord MRIKhong, PL; Ho, HK; Cheng, PW; Wong, VCN; Goh, W; Chan, FL2002120
Children with respiratory disease associated with metapneumovirus in Hong KongPeiris, JSM; Tang, WH; Chan, KH; Khong, PL; Guan, Y; Lau, YL; Chiu, SS2003126
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