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T and B cell responses to neutrophil cytoplasmic antigens in systemic vasculitisMathieson, PW; Lockwood, CM; Oliveira, DBG19927
Targeted transfection increases siRNA uptake and gene silencing of primary endothelial cells in vitro - A quantitative studyÁsgeirsdóttir, SA; Talman, EG; de Graaf, IA; Kamps, JAAM; Satchell, SC; Mathieson, PW; Ruiters, MHJ; Molema, G201011
Teachers' grammar on the electronic highway: Design criteria for TeleGramWu, K; Tsui, ABM199748
Temporal regulation of six crystallin transcripts during mouse lens developmentGoring, DR; Breitman, ML; Tsui, LC1992241
Th1/Th2 cytokine gene expression after mercuric chloride in susceptible and resistant rat strainsGillespie, KM; Saoudi, A; Kuhn, J; Whittle, CJ; Druet, P; Bellon, B; Mathieson, PW19965
The cellular basis of albuminuriaMathieson, PW20044
The human glomerular podocyte is a novel target for insulin actionCoward, RJM; Welsh, GI; Yang, J; Tasman, C; Lennon, R; Koziell, A; Satchell, S; Holman, GD; Kerjaschki, D; Tavaré, JM; Mathieson, PW; Saleem, MA200510
The ins and outs of glomerular crescent formationMathieson, PW19974
The MIF receptor CD74 in diabetic podocyte injurySanchez-Niño, MD; Sanz, AB; Ihalmo, P; Lassila, M; Holthofer, H; Mezzano, S; Aros, C; Groop, P-H; Saleem, MA; Mathieson, PW; Langham, R; Kretzler, M; Nair, V; Lemley, KV; Nelson, RG; Mervaala, E; Mattinzoli, D; Rastaldi, MP; Ruiz-Ortega, M; Martin-Ventura, JL; Ortiz, JE20098
The molecular and functional phenotype of glomerular podocytes reveals key features of contractile smooth muscle cellsSaleem, MA; Zavadil, J; Bailly, M; McGee, K; Witherden, IR; Pavenstadt, H; Hsu, H; Sanday, J; Satchell, SC; Lennon, R; Ni, L; Bottinger, EP; Mundel, P; Mathieson, PW20089
The podocyte as a target for therapies-new and oldMathieson, PW20125
The podocyte cytoskeleton in health and in diseaseMathieson, PW20123
The role of cellular immunity in systemic vasculitisMathieson, PW; Oliveira, DBG19954
The spouse as a kidney donor: Ethically sound?Mathieson, PW; Jolliffe, D; Jolliffe, R; Dudley, CRK; Hamilton, K; Lear, PA19995
'The spouse as a kidney donor: Ethically sound?'(multiple letters) [1]Dyer, PA; Bobrow, M; Mathieson, PW; Dudley, CRK; Hamilton, K; Lear, PA19996
The time course and characterization of mercuric chloride-induced immunopathology in the Brown Norway ratQaism, FJ; Thiru, S; Mathieson, PW; Oliveira, DBG19957
Timing of subduction zone metamorphism during the formation and emplacement of Troodos and Baer-Bassit ophiolites: Insights from 40Ar-39Ar geochronologyChan, GHN; Malpas, J; Xenophontos, C; Lo, CH200772
Titanium-mesh block replacement of the intervertebral diskLeong, JCY; Chow, SP; Yau, ACMC199447
Titrimetric determination of thiocyanate and thiosulphate ions by oxidation with iodine in alkaline solutionBelcher, R; Liao, SS-T; Townshend, A197615
TNF-like weak inducer of apoptosis (TWEAK) induces inflammatory and proliferative effects in human kidney cellsGao, H-X; Campbell, SR; Burkly, LC; Jakubowski, A; Jarchum, I; Banas, B; Saleem, MA; Mathieson, PW; Berman, JW; Michaelson, JS; Putterman, C20097
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