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Familial focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS)-linked α-actinin 4 (ACTN4) protein mutants lose ability to activate transcription by nuclear hormone receptorsKhurana, S; Chakraborty, S; Lam, M; Liu, Y; Su, Y-T; Zhao, X; Saleem, MA; Mathieson, PW; Bruggeman, LA; Kao, H-Y201210
Familial mesangio-capillary glomerulonephritis with initial presentation as haemolytic uraemic syndromeCooper, M; McGraw, ME; Unsworth, DJ; Mathieson, P20046
A family exhibiting arterial tortuosity syndrome displays homozygosity for markers in the arterial tortuosity locus at chromosome 20q13Zaidi, SHE; Peltekova, V; Meyer, S; Lindinger, A; Paterson, AD; Tsui, LC; FaiyazUlHaque, M; Teebi, AS2005558
Fat cell loss and mesangiocapillary glomerulonephritis: Chicken, egg or both?Mathieson, PW; Keith Peters, D20044
Fat embolism in Hong Kong ChineseChow, SP; Hoaglund, FT198044
Fine mapping of the autosomal dominant split hand/split foot locus on chromosome 7, band q21.3-q22.1Scherer, SW; Poorkaj, P; Allen, T; Kim, J; Geshuri, D; Nunes, M; Soder, S; Stephens, K; Pagon, RA; Patton, MA; Berg, MA; Donlon, T; Rivera, H; Pfeiffer, RA; Naritomi, K; Hughes, H; Genuardi, M; Gurrieri, F; Neri, G; Lovrein, E; Magenis, E; Tsui, L-C; Evans, JP1994272
Fine mapping of the human and mouse genes for the type i procollagen COOH-terminal proteinase enhancer proteinTakahara, K; Osborne, L; Elliott, RW; Tsui, LC; Scherer, SW; Greenspan, DS1996229
Fine mapping of the X-linked split-hand/split-foot malformation (SHFM2) locus to a 5.1-Mb region on Xq26.3 and analysis of candidate genesFaiyazUlHaque, M; Zaidi, SHE; King, LM; Haque, S; Patel, M; Ahmad, M; Siddique, T; Ahmad, W; Tsui, LC; Cohn, DH2005887
First Joint Meeting of the French Society of Nephrology the UK Renal Association and the Nephrology Section of the Royal Society of Medicine. Royal Society of Medicine, London, February 28-29, 2008Mason, P; Mathieson, P; Ronco, P20085
FISH detection on DAPI-banded chromosomes.Heng, HH; Tsui, LC199480
Flufenamic acid is a tool for investigating TRPC6-mediated calcium signalling in human conditionally immortalised podocytes and HEK293 cellsFoster, RR; Zadeh, MAH; Welsh, GI; Satchell, SC; Ye, Y; Mathieson, PW; Bates, DO; Saleem, MA200910
Fluorescence in situ hybridization mapping of the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) gene to 7q31.3Heng, HHQ; Shi, XM; Tsui, LC1993260
Fluorescent in situ mapping of the murine deleted in split hand/split foot 1 (dss1) gene to Chromosome 6Crackower, MA; Heng, HHQ; Shi, X; Scherer, SW; Tsui, LC199779
Fracture of the tibial tubercle in the adolescentChow, SP; Lam, JJ; Leong, JCY199054
Frameshift mutation in the cartilage-derived morphogenetic protein 1 (CDMP1) gene and severe acromesomelic chondrodysplasia resembling Grebe-type chondrodysplasiaFaiyazUlHaque, M; Ahmad, W; Wahab, A; Haque, S; Azim, AC; Zaidi, SHE; Teebi, AS; Ahmad, M; Cohn, DH; Siddique, T; Tsui, LC2002260
A frameshift mutation in the γE-crystallin gene of the Elo mouseCartier, M; Breitman, ML; Tsui, LC1992186
Free chromatin mapping by FISH.Heng, HH; Tsui, LC199462
Frequency and distribution in East Asia of 12 mutations identified in the SLC25A13 gene of Japanese patients with citrin deficiencyLu, YB; Kobayashi, K; Ushikai, M; Tabata, A; Iijima, M; Li, MX; Lei, L; Kawabe, K; Taura, S; Yang, Y; Liu, TT; Chiang, SH; Hsiao, KJ; Lau, YL; Tsui, LC; Lee, DH; Saheki, T2005803
From "Brain Drain" to "Brain Circulation" - rethinking the global knowledge economy: perspective from Hong KongTam, Paul KH2009151
Functional distinctions in cytosolic calcium regulation between cells of the glomerular filtration barrierFoster, RR; Welsh, GI; Satchell, SC; Marlow, RD; Wherlock, MD; Pons, D; Mathieson, PW; Bates, DO; Saleem, MA20108
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