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A comparative analysis of political opposition in Taiwan andSingaporeYoong, Chi-fei, Benjamin.; 翁志輝.1990236
A comparative on the contributions of missionaries to the formative years of colonial education in Hong Kong and MacauTam, Tsz Wai, Edith; 譚子慧1995344
A comparative study of democratization of Taiwan and Hong Kong in1980-2000Kwok, Ka-ki.; 郭家麒.2003554
A comparative study of fertility decline in Hong Kong and SingaporeKwan, Pui-ling, Alice.; 關佩玲.1993244
A comparative study of identity among the new generation of Thai and Malaysian Chinese intellectualsFong, Yiu-chak.; 方耀澤.1993219
A comparative study of industrial adjustment in Hong Kong and Japan: the study of textiles and garmentsindustriesTsui, Po-yung.; 徐寶容.1997249
A comparative study of land reform in China and Taiwan since 1949Wu, Man-kwong.; 胡文光.1974314
A comparative study of news media in Hong Kong and TaiwanCheng, Ka-wai.; 鄭家威.2003589
A comparative study of the civil service of Hong Kong and SingaporeHin, Ada.; 禤雅儀.20041,067
A comparative study of the Indian communities in Sri Lanka and MalayaTsao Wong, Oi-yee, Nana.; 曹黃璦儀.1977168
A comparative study of the political culture of postcolonial Hong Kongand MacauHui, Kin-kan.; 許建芹.2005408
A comparative study of the woodfuel crisis and rural energy planning in India and ChinaTsa, Tak-yan, Dane.; 謝得恩.1992259
A comparative survey of the social security schemes in Hong Kong and SingaporeSum, Ngai-ling, Ivin; 岑艾玲1979216
A comparison of national integration in Malaysia and Indonesia: political and social dimensionsHue, Ka-keung.; 許家強.1996319
A comparison of the development of political opposition in South Korea(Republic of Korea) and Taiwan (Republic of China)Cheung, Man-chung.; 張文忠.1991191
A comparison of the treatment of refugees: Cambodians in Thailand and Vietnamese in Hong KongHaynes, Keren.1993161
A selective look at Chinese voluntary associations and schools in Singapore and ThailandLeung, Mann-yan, Frances.; 梁曼茵.1993228
A study of the environment for foreign direct investment in China and the PhilippinesChan, Hing-lung.; 陳興龍.1989233
A study of the roles of Chinese working women in China and Hong KongLai, Kwai-fong, Wendy.; 賴桂芳.1995267
Activist buddhism in Japan and Thailand: a comparative study of political involvement by the Soka Gakkai andThammakaaiIrons, Edward Allen.1993267
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