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A new implant for distal radius fracture fixation: from design to testingHo, Pak-hong, Henry.; 何柏康2002266
Finite element modeling of bone cement for vertebroplastyYeung, Kwok-tai, Cathay.; 楊國泰2003271
Gait analysis of normal and total knee replacement subjectsPoon, Mei-ying, Dora.; 潘美英.1997514
Gradual scoliosis correction by use of a superelastic alloyYeung, Wai-kwok, Kelvin.; 揚偉國2001667
Investigation of the reliability of spinal cord monitoring during scoliosis surgeryHu, Yong; 胡勇1999472
Kinematic analysis of rotation pattern of ACL deficient knee, ACL reconstructed knee and normal knee during single leg hop and pivotshift testWong, Yeuk-hung.; 黃若虹2000331
Molecular basis for increased bone formation in a mouse expressing mutant collagen XChan, Cheuk-wing, Wilson.; 陳卓榮2003260
Recombinant adenovirus and adeno-associated virus mediated BMP2 and BMP4 gene therapy for new bone formationChen, Yan; 陳岩2003334
The mobility of human knee menisciMa, Chi-san, Jason.; 馬智申1995247
The use of a Chinese medicinal formula (Chuan-Duan-Bu-Gu-San) on experimental fracture healing in a mouse modelChu, Yuet-wah.; 朱月華2003339
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