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Natural hybridization in mangroves: molecular approach to hybrid identification, maternity confirmation and introgressionSun, M2005202
Near-infrared spectroscopic technique for detection of beef hamburger adulterationDing, HB; Xu, RJ2000134
A near-infrared spectroscopic technique for species differentiation of frozen meatDing, HB; Chan, DKO; Xu, RJ199979
Nectin-2 expression in testicular cells is controlled via the functional cooperation between transcription factors of the Sp1, CREB, and AP-1 familiesLui, WY; Sze, KL; Lee, WWM2006374
The Neonatal Pig: Gastrointestinal Physiology and NutritionXu, RJ; Cranwell, PD200397
The nephroprotective effects of the herbal medicine preparation, WH30+, on the chemical-induced acute and chronic renal failure in ratsNgai, HHY; Sit, WH; Wan, JMF2005168
Neuroendocrine regulation and signal transduction of growth hormone releasing hormone release from perifused grass carp pituitary cells (Abstract)Wong, AOL; Ng, S; Lee, EKY; Leung, RCY; Leung, MY199796
Neuropeptide Function of Secretin in the CerebellumNg, SM; Yung, WH; Siu, KY; Chung, CKS; Chow, BKC200295
The neutral theory of molecular evolution: 30 years laterLascoux, M; Sun, M2000185
New Application of Low-C0t DNA as a DNA Fingerprinting ProbeLeung, FCC199985
New applications of low-C0tDNA as a DNA fingerprint probeLeung, FCC199967
A New Strategy in the Immunization of Dna Vaccine Against Hog Cholera VirusWu, H; Chen, J; Leung, FCC200394
New variations in intron 4 of growth hormone gene in Chinese native chickensNie, Q; Ip, SCY; Zhang, X; Leung, FC; Yang, G2002150
A New Version of Visual Genomic Database ToolCheng, KH; Leung, FCC199986
NGF and PACAP highly up-regulate the expression of serpin in PC12 cells through activation of Calcineurin AND MEK pathwaysAu, YK; Ravni, A; Eiden, L; Chow, BKC; Gonzalez, B; Vaudry, H; Vaudry, D2004138
Non-essential amino acids and short-term food intake of ratsAnderson, GH; Luo, S; Ng, LT; Li, ETS1994127
Norepinephrine inhibits growth hormone release from goldfish pituitary cells by suppressing cAMP synthesis through activation of pituitary a2 adrenergic receptors (Abstract)Wong, AOL; Chan, VCC; Lee, KY; Chang, JP; Peter, RE1998106
Norepinephrine Regulation of Growth Hormone Release from Goldfish Pituitary Cells. I. Involvement of a2 Adrenoreceptor and interactions with Dopamine and Salmon Gonadotropin-Releasing HormoneLee, KY; Chan, VCC; Chang, JP; Yunker, WK; Wong, AOL2000121
Norepinephrine regulation of growth hormone release from goldfish pituitary cells. II. Intracellular sites of actionYunker, WK; Lee, EKY; Wong, AOL; Chang, JP2000129
Novel aspects of autocrine/paracrine regulation of growth hormone secretion and synthesis in grass carp pituitary cellsZhou, Hong; 周紅2003359
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