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Activation of caspase is independent to cyclin E expression in camptothecin-induced apoptosis in HL-60 cellsWan, JMF; Sit, WH200495
Activation of p70 S6K induces expression of matrix metalloproteinase 9 associated with hepatocyte growth factor-mediated invasion in human ovarian cancer cellsZhou, HY; Wong, AST2006110
Adaptation of very virulent infectious bursal disease virus to chicken embryonic fibroblasts by site-directed mutagenesis of residues 279 and 284 of viral coat protein VP2Lim, BL; Cao, Y; Yu, T; Mo, CW1999679
Adaptation to salinity changes of the Japanese eel, Anguilla japonica: metabolic changes and the role ofhormonesSo, Tze-ching, Steve.; 蘇子澄1980165
Adenovirus-mediated expression of the C-terminal domain of SARS-CoV spike protein is sufficient to induce apoptosis in Vero E6 cellsChow, KYC; Yeung, YS; Hon, CC; Zeng, F; Law, KM; Leung, FCC2005151
The adherens junction (AJ) dynamics in the testis are regulated by RhoB GTPase via the ROCK/LIMK signaling pathwayLui, WY; Lee, WWM; Cheng, CY2002108
Adherens junction dynamics in the testis and spermatogenesisLui, WY; Mruk, DD; Lee, WM; Cheng, CY2003107
Adhering Junction Dynamics in the Testis Are Regulated by an Interplay of b1-Integrin and Focal Adhesion Complex-Associated ProteinsSiu, KY; Mruk, DD; Lee, WWM; Cheng, CY2003112
The adhering junction dynamics in the testis are regulated by an interplay of beta 1-integrin, focal adhesion kinase (FAK) and the focal adhesion complex (FAC)-associated proteinsSiu, M; Mruk, D; Lee, W; Cheng, C2002263
The adhering junction dynamics in the testis are regulated by an interplay of β1-integrin, focal adhesion kinase (FAK) and the focal adhesion complex (FAC)-associated proteinsSiu, M; Mruk, DD; Lee, WWM; Cheng, CY2002230
Adhesion-independent mechanism for suppression of tumor cell invasion by E-cadherinWong, AST; Gumbiner, BM2003281
Administration of amino acid mixture but not glucose induces changes in paraventricular nucleus extracellular essential amino acid profile in freely moving rats (Abstract)Li, ETS; Luo, S; Anderson, GH1994121
AF-2364 [1-(2,4-dichlorobenzyl)-1H-indazole-3-carbohydrazide] is a potential male contraceptive: A review of recent dataCheng, CY; Mruk, D; Silvestrini, B; Bonanomi, M; Wong, CH; Siu, MKY; Lee, NPY; Lui, WY; Mo, MY2005163
The allopolyploid origin of Spiranthes hongkongensis (Orchidaceae)Sun, M1996223
Allozyme analysis of natural populations: some case studies in plant evolutionSun, M2000201
Alpini Gianfranco 2006 Cholic acid stimulates bile duct proliferation both in vivo and in vitro via regulation of the expression and secretion of secretin by cholangiocytes: Novel evidence for autocrine/paracrine regulation of cholangiocyte prolifLam, PY; Shannon, G; Chow, BKC; Lee, TO; Julie, V; Lee, VHY2006128
Alpini Gianfranco 2006 Secretin inhibits cholangiocarcinoma growth via inhibition of ERK1/2 and p38-dependent signalingShannon, G; Lee, HYV; Lam, PY; Chow, BKC200696
Amino acids in soy sauceLau, Lee-man.; 劉理雯2000237
An assessment of the water pollution status of the Mai Po Marshes Nature Reserve, Hong KongChiu, King-tung.; 趙勁東.1992204
An ecological study of two species of hillside rats in Hong KongChung, Ka-bun.; 鍾家彬1971168
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