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{XW12O40 [Cu(en)2(H2O)]3} (X=V, Si): Two novel tri-supported Keggin POMs with transition metal complexesLu, Y-K; Cui, X-B; Chen, Y; Xu, J-N; Zhang, Q-B; Liu, Y-B; Xu, J-Q; Wang, T-G2009183
Y-appendicoplasty - a simple technique to minimize complications in antegrade continence enema (ACE)Tam, PKH199989
Y-appendicoplasty: a technique to minimize stomal complications in antegrade continence enemaTam, PKH1999154
YAP is an independent prognostic marker associated with tumor recurrence of hepatocellular carcinomaLuk, J; Xu, M; Yao, TJ; Ng, IOL; Poon, RTP; Fan, ST2008169
YAP is an independent prognostic marker associated with tumor recurrence of hepatocellular carcinoma (Abstract)Luk, JMC; Xu, M; Yao, TJ; Ng, I; Poon, RTP; Fan, ST200899
Yau TO, Chan CY, Chan KL, Lee MF, Wong CM, Fan ST, Ng IOLYau, TO; Chan, PCY; Chan, KL; Lee, MF; Wong, CM; Fan, ST; Ng, IOL2004128
Yes associated protein (YAP) in hepatocellular carcinoma: oncogenic functions and molecular targetingXu, Zhi; 徐智2009314
Yes Associated protein (YAP) is an independent prognostic marker for overall and disease-free survivals in hepatocellular carcinoma (Poster Exhibition)Xu, Z; Luk, JMC2009241
Yes-associated protein is an independent prognostic marker in hepatocellular carcinomaXu, MZ; Yao, TJ; Lee, NPY; Ng, IOL; Chan, YT; Zender, L; Lowe, SW; Poon, RTP; Luk, JM2009658
Young child with recurrent stridorLi, X; Cheng, LC; Yuen, RKN; Hui, Y; Chiu, CSW2009166
Young Chinese patients with breast cancer have a similar survival to their older counterpartsSuen, DTK; Kwong, A200939
Zero operative mortality improves survival (Abstract)Wong, J; Law, SYK200079
Zyxin, Axin, and Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome Protein Are Adaptors That Link the Cadherin/Catenin Protein Complex to the Cytoskeleton at Adherens Junctions in the Seminiferous Epithelium of the Rat TestisLee, NPY; Mruk, DD; Conway, AM; Cheng, CY200470
β-Catenin signaling pathway is crucial for bone morphogenetic protein 2 to induce new bone formationChen, Y; Whetstone, HC; Youn, A; Nadesan, P; Chow, ECY; Lin, AC; Alman, BA2007132
ω-3 fatty acids suppress inflammatory cytokine production by macrophages and hepatocytesHao, W; Wong, OY; Liu, X; Lee, P; Chen, Y; Wong, KKY2010202
中国肝脏移植註册与器官共享机构的建立与发展-中国肝移植註册Wang, H; Fan, ST2008214
中國肝移植註冊人工智能系統-從原始數據採集到統計分析報告Wang, WS; Wang, H; Fan, ST2009254
中國肝移植註冊進度報告Wang, H; Fan, ST2009103
人工耳蝸植入術的經濟學價值Wong, YK; Hui, Y; Au, DKK; Jin, H; Wei, WI200494
以肝中靜脈為標誌的精確肝切除Fan, ST2008104
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