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F-actin reorganization and inactivation of Rho signaling pathway involved in the inhibitory effect of Coptidis Rhizoma on hepatoma cell migrationWang, N; Feng, Y; Lau, EPW; Tsang, C; Ching, Y; Man, K; Tong, Y; Nagamatsu, T; Su, W; Tsao, S2010547
Fact and fallacy in neonatal screeningAu, DKK200562
Factors affecting connected speech comprehension in Cantonese-speaking children after cochlear implantWong, RK; Kung, P; Tsang, A; Chung, E; Hui, Y; Wong, B; Au, DKK; Wei, WI200295
Factors affecting conversion of laparoscopic cholecystectomy to open surgeryLiu, CL; Fan, ST; Lai, ECS; Lo, CM; Chu, KM1996106
Factors affecting false-negative breast sentinel node biopsy in Chinese patientsChok, KSH; Suen, DTK; Lim, FMY; Li, GKH; Kwong, A200795
Factors affecting false-negative rates of sentinel lymph node biopsy in breast cancerChok, SH; Suen, DTK; Kwong, A200633
Factors affecting implementation of accreditation programmes and the impact of the accreditation process on quality improvement in hospitals: a SWOT analysisNg, KB; Leung, GKK; Johnston, JM; Cowling, BJ201321
Factors affecting outcomes of prenatally-diagnosed tumoursChan, KL; Tang, MHY; Tse, HY; Tang, RYK; Lam, HSW; Lee, CP; Tam, PKH2002130
Factors affecting parenteral nutrition cholestasis in neonatesChan, KL; Leung, CW; Guo, WH; Tsoi, NS; Tam, PKH199986
Factors affecting parenteral nutrition cholestasis in neonatesChan, KL; Leung, CW; Guo, WH; Tsoi, NS; Tam, PKH199994
Factors affecting the adequacy of lymph node yield in prophylactic unilateral central neck dissection for papillary thyroid carcinomaLang, BHH; Yih, PC; Shek, TW; Wan, KY; Lo, CY201286
Factors affecting the patency in microvascular anastomosisChow, Shew-ping.; 周肇平1988266
Factors affecting the patency of microvascular anastomoses in digital replantation and toe to hand transplantationLeung, Ping-Chung; 梁秉中1980249
Factors predictive of 5-year survival after transarterial chemoembolization for inoperable hepatocellular carcinomaO'Suilleabhain, CB; Poon, RTP; Yong, JL; Ooi, GC; Tso, WK; Fan, ST2003140
Failure of hepatitis B vaccination in patients receiving lamivudine prophylaxis after liver transplantation for chronic hepatitis BChung, ML; Chi, LL; See, CC; Lau, GK; Sheung, TF200593
Failure of hepatitis B vaccination to induce either humoral or cellular immune response after liver transplantation for hepatitis B related cirrhosis (multiple letters)Merli, M; Nicolini, G; Attili, FA; Accapezzato, D; Barnaba, V; Ferretti, G; Lilli, D; Rivanera, D; Rossi, M; Novelli, G; Berloco, P; Lo, CM200561
Failure of jejunum as esophageal substitution (Invited Lecture)Wong, J199773
Family physician and the specialist in contemporary medical practiceWei, WI; Mong, W199944
Family physician and the specialist in contemporary medical practice (editorial)Wei, WI1999152
Fas expression is a favorable prognostic factor in esophageal squamous cell carcinomaChan, KW; Lee, PY; Lam, AKY; Law, SYK; Wong, J; Srivastava, G200572
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