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100 Years of Public/Private Sector Cooperation in Japan: Lessons for South AfricaPretorius, FIH19875
2000 Global Real Estate IndustryChau, KW2000248
2012 環球房地產投資前景Chau, KW; Wong, SK; Yiu, CY201195
2012環球REITs投資前景Chau, KW; Wong, SK; Yiu, CY2012206
4 ChaptersPoon, SW; Tang, SL; Ahmed, AM; Wong, FKW2002174
4DCAD-Safety: Visualizing Project Scheduling and Safety PlanningChantawit, D; Hadikusumo, B H W; Charoenngam, C; Rowlinson, SM2005215
A behavioral analysis of learning processes amongst construction project team members in ChinaWu, Jian; 武健20084,863
A comparative study of the investment characteristics of real estate and other financial assets in Hong KongChiang, Wing-lang, Roger.; 蔣永能1994408
A comparison of the home ownership scheme and private sector participation schemeTo, Yat-ming.; 杜日明1999545
A content study of commercial real estate leases in Hong KongKwan, Kit-ying, Cindy.; 關潔瑩.2006372
A contractual theory of the firm: a construction project case studyYu, Ka-wai, Marco.; 余嘉偉2001304
A critical analysis of integrated project organisations in meeting client's objectivesLau, Chak-Kei, Jacky.; 劉澤基.1994313
A critical analysis of the marketing strategies of the building consultancy firmsCheung, Yuk-ching; 張玉淸1996765
A golden jubilee critique of Hong Kong public housing policy (1954-2004)Lee, Yuet-ming.; 李悦明.2007336
A knowledge analysis model for knowledge engineering in the construction industryNg, Fung Fai.; 吳蓬輝1990389
A legal perspective on the disposition of non-performing loans and bank restructuring: a study of China's state-owned commercial banksWan, Qun.; 万群.2006379
A new era for the Hong Kong real estate agency industryChong, Shung-ping, Charles.; 莊崇秉2000318
A preliminary model for fostering innovations in construction organizations in Hong KongPang, Ka-fai, Brian; 彭嘉輝2000535
A review of the application of real options theory to commercial real estate leasesSinger, Timo.2002261
A review of the subcontracting systems in the Hong Kong construction industryLai, Man-yi, Mandy.; 黎敏兒.1987655
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