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A balanced approach to training: another stepforward in improving retention of junior police constablesLo Yam, Wai-chun, Yvonne.; 盧任惠珍.19944,781
A comparative analysis of the functions and roles of the auxiliary Medical Services and Civil Aid ServicesChow, French Fiat-mann; 周發文1988261
A comparative institutional analysis of the youth employment training schemes in Hong KongChung, Wan-sze, Doris.; 鍾韻詩.2005231
A comparative study of law reform implementation: selected casesStoker, Stuart Mitchell Imrie.1987195
A comparative study of the anti-corruption measures of Hong Kong and Singapore since 1945Law, King-hea, Joseph.; 羅景熙.1985373
A comparative study of the Management Services Division of the Government Secretariat and Corruption Prevention Department of theIndependent Commission Against CorruptionWong, Wah-hing, Anita.; 黃華興1982237
A comparative study of the organization and functions of public sectorunionsMak, Mei-kuen, Rebecca.; 麥美娟.1992226
A comparative study of the organizational problems of multi-disciplinary teams in the Transport Department and TerritoryDevelopment DepartmentWong, Chun-hung.; 黃俊鴻.1990282
A comparative study of the role of the state in policy making and implementation in welfare services for the handicapped in Hong Kongand GuangzhouWong, Kam-man, Joseph.; 黃錦文.1994195
A comparative study of the transport strategies for two new townsLui, Sung-yee, Alan.; 呂崇義.1982265
A comparative study of think tanks with reference to the Central Policy UnitYue, Sin-yui.; 余倩蕊1992248
A comparative study on the promotion system of the Hong Kong Police Force and other disciplined servicesKwok, Kang-shing, Edmond.; 郭耿誠.2007364
A comparison of manpower planning in the public and private sector in Hong KongLi, Yu-ying, Stella.; 李禹英.1982319
A critical analysis of the medium of instruction (MOI) policy in Hong KongChan, Wing-yan, Alice; 陳詠欣2004380
A critical analysis of the primary one admission system in Hong KongHo, Ming-yan.; 何銘恩.2006273
A critical evaluation of securities and commodities legislation in Hong Kong: the use of statutory discretionsand informal sanctionsThorpe, Phillip Andrew.1986214
A critical review of the District Administrative Scheme in Hong KongYau, Kwai-chong, Eliza.; 尤桂莊.2006266
A critical study of the principal officials accountability system of the HKSAR: constitutional and politicalinadequaciesSham, Ka-fai, Francis.; 岑家輝.2005249
A feasibility analysis of using B.O.T. in the management of public fill in Hong KongWong, Kwok-hung, Gray.; 黃國洪2002189
A feasibility study of divestment of the Housing Authority's retail and carparking facilitiesYan, Miu-kam, Vivian.; 甄妙琴.2004238
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