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T-1213C polymorphism of estrogen receptor beta is associated with low bone mineral density and osteoporotic fracturesKung, AWC; Lai, BMH; Ng, MYM; Chan, V; Sham, PC2006139
Tardive dyskinesia in the treatment of schizophrenia: The findings of the Research on Asian Psychotropic Prescription Pattern (REAP) survey (2001-2009)Xiang, YT; Wang, CY; Si, TM; Lee, EHM; He, YL; Ungvari, GS; Chiu, HFK; Yang, SY; Chong, MY; Tan, CH; Kua, EH; Fujii, S; Sim, K; Yong, KH; Trivedi, JK; Chung, EK; Udomratn, P; Chee, KY; Sartorius, N; Shinfuku, N201194
Targeting depression to prevent dementia and Alzheimer's diseaseChang, RCC; TSANG, AW-T; Wong, GTH; CHENG, SY; Hung, CHL; Ho, YS; Law, ACK201322
Te antisite incorporation in Zn S1-x Tex thin filmsChan, SK; Liu, HJ; Chan, CT; Zhang, ZQ; Ge, WK; Sou, IK200564
TEM investigation of nucleation and initial growth of ZnSe nanowiresCai, Y; Chan, SK; Sou, IK; Chan, YF; Su, DS; Wang, N200468
Temperature-dependent growth direction of ultrathin ZnSe nanowiresCai, Y; Chan, SK; Sou, LK; Chan, YF; Su, DS; Wang, N2007110
Test of linkage and association of 14 genetic loci with bone sizeLau, HL; Ng, MYM; Jin, L; Paterson, A; Sham, PC; Luk, KDK; Chan, VNY; Kung, AWC200580
Testosterone attenuated pre-synaptic disrutpion in beta-amyloid-treated rat hippocampal neuronsLau, CF; Ho, YS; Poon, CH; Wuwongse, S; Chu, LW; Chang, RCC201285
Tests of linkage and association of the COL1A2 gene with bone phenotypes' variation in Chinese nuclear familiesDeng, FY; Liu, MY; Li, MX; Lei, SF; Qin, YJ; Zhou, Q; Liu, YJ; Deng, HW200360
The effectiveness of pre-job training on work related social skill of people with schizophreniaChan, Wai-kwan; 陳慧君2003332
The examination of endothelin-1 effects on vascular-neurodegenerative pathways contributing to cognitive impairmentHo, Wendy Karen; 何慧盈20131
The genetic and personality risk factors associated with pathological gambling in Hong Kong ChineseChau, Wing-yin.; 周穎姸.2005599
The health-related quality of life of liver transplantation recipientsin Hong Kong: a follow-up and cross-sectionalstudyGeng, Ying; 耿瑩2007227
The impacts of aerobic exercise and mind-body exercise (yoga) on neuro-cognition and clinical symptoms in early psychosis : a single-blind randomized controlled clinical trialLin, Jingxia; 林晶霞20137
The influence of Chinese translations for psychosis on stigma of schizophrenia from youth service providers' viewsSuen, Man-hung; 孫敏紅201327
The paternal involvement of drug abusers in child care in Hong Kong: an exploratory studyFong, Fu-fai, Steve.; 方富輝.2004229
The prevalence and risk factors of late-life erectile dysfunction in aprimary care outpatient clinic in Hong KongCheng, Ying-wai, Jackie.; 鄭英偉2008298
The relationship of DUP, DUI, negative symptom severity and functional outcome among people with psychosis in Hong KongCheung, Sze-ki; 張斯琪201332
The relationship of pragmatic language deficits and cognitive impairments in high-functioning autismLam, Yan, Grace.; 林茵.2003231
The relationship of self-stigma and insight to social functioning in people with first episode psychosisLeung, Shing-lam; 梁聖琳201360
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