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Sacrificing a limb for life: psychological interventions in osteosarcomaFung, ASM; Lee, PWH1996288
Say NO to Alzheimer's disease: The putative links between nitric oxide and dementia of the Alzheimer's typeLaw, A; Gauthier, S; Quirion, R200188
Saying 'NO' to dementia and other mental disordersLaw, ACK201062
A sceptical view of the neuropathology of schizophreniaChua, SE; Mckenna, PJ200098
SchizophreniaChiu, CPY; Chen, EYH200583
Schizophrenia - A brain disease? A critical review of structural and functional cerebral abnormality in the disorderChua, SE; Mckenna, PJ199589
Schizophrenia with movement disorder prior to treatmentHoner, WG; lANG, DL; Chan, RCK; Chen, EYH200279
Schizophrenia with prominent catatonic features ('catatonic schizophrenia'). III. Latent class analysis of the catatonic syndromeUngvari, GS; Goggins, W; Leung, SK; Lee, E; Gerevich, J2009139
Schizophrenic patients and their unaffected siblings share increased resting-state connectivity in the task-negative network but not its anticorrelated task-positive networkLiu, H; Kaneko, Y; Ouyang, X; Li, L; Hao, Y; Chen, EYH; Jiang, T; Zhou, Y; Liu, Z2012642
Scholastic achievement at age 16 and risk of schizophrenia and other psychoses: A national cohort studyMacCabe, JH; Lambe, MP; Cnattingius, S; Torrång, A; Björk, C; Sham, PC; David, AS; Murray, RM; Hultman, CM2008119
Screening and assessing ideas and delusions of reference using a semi-structured interview scale: A validation study of the Ideas of Reference Interview Scale (IRIS) in early psychosis patientsWong, GHY; Hui, CLM; Tang, JYM; Chiu, CPY; Lam, MML; Chan, SKW; Chang, WC; Chen, EYH2012123
Screening of mild cognitive impairment in Chinese older adults - A multistage validation of the Chinese abbreviated mild cognitive impairment testLam, LCW; Tam, CWC; Lui, VWC; Chan, WC; Chan, SSM; Chiu, HFK; Leung, T; Tham, MK; Ho, KS; Chan, WM2008146
Screening of the RET gene of Vietnamese Hirschsprung patients identifies 2 novel missense mutationsNgo, DN; So, MT; Gui, H; Tran, AQ; Bui, DH; Cherny, S; Tam, PKH; Nguyen, TL; Garcia-Barcelo, MM2012114
Seasonal affective disorderLee, TMC; Chen, EYH; Chan, CCH; Paterson, JG; Janzen, HL; Blashko, CA1998149
A second generation human haplotype map of over 3.1 million SNPsFrazer, KA; Ballinger, DG; Cox, DR; Hinds, DA; Stuve, LL; Gibbs, RA; Belmont, JW; Boudreau, A; Hardenbol, P; Leal, SM; Pasternak, S; Wheeler, DA; Willis, TD; Yu, F; Yang, H; Zeng, C; Gao, Y; Hu, H; Hu, W; Li, C; Lin, W; Liu, S; Pan, H; Tang, X; Wang, J; Wang, W; Yu, J; Zhang, B; Zhang, Q; Zhao, H; Zhao, H; Zhou, J; Gabriel, SB; Barry, R; Blumenstiel, B; Camargo, A; Defelice, M; Faggart, M; Goyette, M; Gupta, S; Moore, J; Nguyen, H; Onofrio, RC; Parkin, M; Roy, J; Stahl, E; Winchester, E; Ziaugra, L; Altshuler, D; Shen, Y; Yao, Z; Huang, W; Chu, X; He, Y; Jin, L; Liu, Y; Shen, Y; Sun, W; Wang, H; Wang, Y; Wang, Y; Xiong, X; Xu, L; Waye, MMY; Tsui, SKW; Xue, H; Wong, JTF; Galver, LM; Fan, JB; Gunderson, K; Murray, SS; Oliphant, AR; Chee, MS; Montpetit, A; Chagnon, F; Ferretti, V; Leboeuf, M; Olivier, JF; Phillips, MS; Roumy, S; Sallée, C; Verner, A; Hudson, TJ; Kwok, PY; Cai, D; Koboldt, DC; Miller, RD; Pawlikowska, L; TaillonMiller, P; Xiao, M; Tsui, LC; Mak, W; You, QS; Tam, PKH; Nakamura, Y; Kawaguchi, T; Kitamoto, T; Morizono, T; Nagashima, A; Ohnishi, Y; Sekine, A; Tanaka, T; Tsunoda, T; Deloukas, P; Bird, CP; Delgado, M; Dermitzakis, ET; Gwilliam, R; Hunt, S; Morrison, J; Powell, D; Stranger, BE; Whittaker, P; Bentley, DR; Daly, MJ; De Bakker, PIW; Barrett, J; Chretien, YR; Maller, J; McCarroll, S; Patterson, N; Pe'Er, I; Price, A; Purcell, S; Richter, DJ; Sabeti, P; Saxena, R; Schaffner, SF; Sham, PC; Varilly, P; Stein, LD; Krishnan, L; Smith, AV; TelloRuiz, MK; Thorisson, GA; Chakravarti, A; Chen, PE; Cutler, DJ; Kashuk, CS; Lin, S; Abecasis, GR; Guan, W; Li, Y; Munro, HM; Qin, ZS; Thomas, DJ; McVean, G; Auton, A; Bottolo, L; Cardin, N; Eyheramendy, S; Freeman, C; Marchini, J; Myers, S; Spencer, C; Stephens, M; Donnelly, P; Cardon, LR; Clarke, G; Evans, DM; Morris, AP; Weir, BS; Johnson, TA; Mullikin, JC; Sherry, ST; Feolo, M; Skol, A; Zhang, H; Matsuda, I; Fukushima, Y; MacEr, DR; Suda, E; Rotimi, CN; Adebamowo, CA; Ajayi, I; Aniagwu, T; Marshall, PA; Nkwodimmah, C; Royal, CDM; Leppert, MF; Dixon, M; Peiffer, A; Qiu, R; Kent, A; Kato, K; Niikawa, N; Adewole, IF; Knoppers, BM; Foster, MW; Clayton, EW; Watkin, J; Muzny, D; Nazareth, L; Sodergren, E; Weinstock, GM; Yakub, I; Birren, BW; Wilson, RK; Fulton, LL; Rogers, J; Burton, J; Carter, NP; Clee, CM; Griffiths, M; Jones, MC; McLay, K; Plumb, RW; Ross, MT; Sims, SK; Willey, DL; Chen, Z; Han, H; Kang, L; Godbout, M; Wallenburg, JC; L'Archevêque, P; Bellemare, G; Saeki, K; Wang, H; An, D; Fu, H; Li, Q; Wang, Z; Wang, R; Holden, AL; Brooks, LD; McEwen, JE; Guyer, MS; Wang, VO; Peterson, JL; Shi, M; Spiegel, J; Sung, LM; Zacharia, LF; Collins, FS; Kennedy, K; Jamieson, R; Stewart, J200711,014
Selecting maximally informative sibships for OTL association analysis.PURCELL, S; CHERNY, SS; RIJSDIJK, F; Hewitt, JK; Sham, PC199946
Selecting maximally informative sibships for QTL linkage analysisCHERNY, SS; PURCELL, S; RIJSDIJK, F; Hewitt, JK; Sham, PC199956
Selecting maximally informative sibships for QTL linkage and association analysisPURCELL, S; CHERNY, SS; SHAM, PC199957
Selection strategies for sib-pair association studiesCherny, SS; Kwan, SH; Kung, AWC; Sham, PC2009157
Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor treatment diminishes inhibition of masculine sexual behaviorLau, WM; Yau, SY; Qiu, G; Helmeste, DM; Lee, TMC; Tang, SW; So, KF200685
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