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A DARTEL based analysis of post-natal brain response to prenatal maternal inflammation in early or late pregnancy in the mouseMcAlonan, GM; Li, Q; Wu, EX; Cheung, C2011109
Data mining of post genome-wide association studies and next generation sequencingGui, Hongsheng; 桂宏胜201331
De-stigmatising human papillomavirus in the context of cervical cancer: A randomised controlled trialKwan, TTC; Tam, KF; Lee, PWH; Lo, SST; Chan, KKL; Ngan, HYS2010192
Decision-making capacity of inpatients with schizophrenia in Hong KongWong, JGWS; Cheung, EPT; Chen, EYH2005154
DeFries-Fulker multiple regression analysis of sibship QTL data: a SAS (R) macro (vol 17, pg 371, 2001)LESSEM, JM; CHERNY, SS200250
DeFries-Fulker multiple regression analysis of sibship QTL data: A SAS® macroLessem, JL; Cherny, SS200137
Degeneration of microtubules in cultured hippocampal neurons stressed by beta-amyloid peptide and corticosteroneWong, THG; Wuwongse, S; Hung, HL; Law, ACK; Chang, RCC201256
Deliberate self-harm in older adults: A review of the literature from 1995 to 2004Chan, J; Draper, B; Banerjee, S20078
Delusions of reference, excessive top-down processing, and default mode network in first-episode schizophreniaWong, GHY; Tao, H; He, Z; Liu, H; Chiu, CPY; Chan, SWK; Lam, MML; Hui, CLM; Tang, JYM; Wang, Y; Xue, Z; Liu, Z; Chen, EYH2010145
Dementia - An ‘old’ disorder with new perspectives (Editorial)Chan, WC; Lam, LCW201331
DEPD: A novel database for differentially expressed proteinsHe, QY; Cao, J; Liu, XH; Li, MX; Liu, YS; Xie, JY; Liang, SP200565
Depression care management programme in primary care setting: A pilot studyLeung, AYM; Chu, DWS; Yung, A; Wong, JGWS; Law, ACK201337
Depression in college: depressive symptoms and personality factors in Beijing and Hong Kong college freshmenSong, Y; Huang, Y; Liu, D; Kwan, JohnnySH; Zhang, F; Sham, PC; Tang, SW2008273
Design and analysis of association studies using pooled DNA from large twin samplesKnight, J; Sham, P200671
Detection of non-adherent behaviour in early psychosisHui, CLM; Chen, EYH; Kan, CS; Yip, KC; Law, CW; Chiu, CPY2006122
Deterioration of soft neurological signs in chronic schizophrenic patients: a longitudinal panel studyChen, EYH; Lau, BST199878
Determinants of long-term outcome in psychotic disorders: a 13-year prospective studyTang, Yee-man.; 鄧綺汶.2012122
Determinants of resilience in patients with rheumatic disordersYoung, Man-chi.; 楊敏智.2012271
Determinants of seizure threshold of electroconvulsive therapy in ChineseChung, KF2006107
Developing primary care psychiatry in the Asia-PacificLam, TP; Mak, KY2012121
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