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A "disciplined governance" approach to government-NGOs relations: the structures and dynamics ofenvironmental politics and management in SingaporeFrancesch, Maria.20055,007
A comparative study of the financing options for the public healtcare system in Hong KongKong, Ping-lam, Francis.; 江炳林.2009185
A comparative study of the internal and external labour market in the firefighting industryHo, Chun-man, David.; 何駿敏.2009182
A comparative study on the promotion system of inspector to senior inspector in the Customs and Excise Department and Fire ServicesDepartmentChow, Lai-man; 周麗雯2009163
A feasibility study of performance based pay for teachers in govenrment [i.e. government] schools in Hong KongHo, Odilia Angela.; 何妍臻.2009169
A police organization in a changing world: the experience of staff communications in the Hong Kong Police ForceLau, Kit-man.; 劉傑文.201269
A proposal for formulating a youth policy in Hong Kong for the 21st centuryChan, Shui-ching.; 陳瑞貞.2009257
A review of employees retraining levy on foreign dometic helpersYip, Yick-ling, Eric.; 葉亦翎.2010166
A review of the non-civil service contract scheme of the HKSAR GovernmentChan, Ka-wing, Ada.; 陳嘉詠2008313
A study of Chinese negotiating behaviour in the Sino-British negotiations over Hong KongFok, Wai-lun.; 霍偉倫.1998835
A study of ethical policingKwok, Hiu-kwan.; 郭曉君.2011289
A study of ethical policing of public order eventsKu, Siu-fai.; 古兆輝.201261
A study of Hong Kong Government housing policyChan, Yuk-ping.; 陳玉萍.20111,468
A study of immigration policy for mainland visitorsTse, Chin-pang.; 謝展鵬.2010185
A study of occupational gender segregation in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region GovernmentLau, On-on, Christina.; 劉安安.2010195
A study of policy-making in Hong Kong: the case of the direct subsidy scheme for secondary schoolsChan, Pik-wa, Gloria.; 陳碧華2008291
A study of public engagement in implementing infrastructural projects in Hong KongWong, Kin-por.; 黃劍波.2009149
A study of public private partnership in Hong Kong: the case of Hong Kong DisneylandPong, Sze-wan.; 龐詩韻.2009799
A study of Taiwan-Hong Kong relations: policies, processes and challengesLung, Wing-cheung, Cecilia.; 龍詠翔.2000253
A study of the copyright protection in the digital environment in HongKongChan, Lai-sha.; 陳麗莎.2011244
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