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'When' and 'Where': acquisition of spatial navigationChan, YS201155
Why is the itchyness following mosquito bite?Fung, ML199878
Why is the left handedness?Fung, ML199776
Wide distribution of an enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of cyclic ADP-riboseLee, HC; Aarhus, R199363
Widespread occurrence in animal tissues of an enzyme catalyzing the conversion of NAD+ into a cyclic metabolite with intracellular Ca2+-mobilizing activityRusinko, N; Lee, HC198959
X-ray crystallographic studies of two virulence factors from two fungal pathogens, P. marneffei and C. neoformansLam, Wai-hei; 林瑋熙201231
'Yin-Yang' regulation of insulin signaling by APPL1 and APPL2 in skeletal muscle cellsZhu, W; Cheng, KY; Wang, Y; Lam, KSL; Xu, A2010115
“Yin-Yang” regulation of cell proliferation and differentiation by APPL isoforms - APPL1 and APPL2 antagonize each other in regulating cytokinesis through MgcRacGAPZhu, W; Cheng, KY; Chen, B; Wang, Y; Lam, KSL; Xu, A200994
α-Lipoic acid increases cardiac glucose oxidation independent of AMP-activated protein kinase in isolated working rat heartsOnay-Besikci, A; Wagg, C; Lopaschuk, TP; Keung, W; Lopaschuk, GD20073
The ΔF508 mutation causes CFTR misprocessing and cystic fibrosis-like disease in pigsOstedgaard, LS; Meyerholz, DK; Chen, JH; Pezzulo, AA; Karp, PH; Rokhlina, T; Ernst, SE; Hanfland, RA; Reznikov, LR; Ludwig, PS; Rogan, MP; Davis, GJ; Dohrn, CL; WohlfordLenane, C; Taft, PJ; Rector, MV; Hornick, E; Nassar, BS; Samuel, M; Zhang, Y; Richter, SS; Uc, A; Shilyansky, J; Prather, RS; McCray Jr, PB; Zabner, J; Welsh, MJ; Stoltz, DA2011183
囊性纖維化跨膜轉運調節體氯離子通道——跨上皮離子轉運的多功能引擎Li, H; Cai, Z; Chen, J; Ju, M; Xu, Z; Sheppard, DN200722
朱涛Zhu, T200659
重返精神健康路: 精神分裂症病人及家屬指南Lee, PWH; Li, FWS2004172
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