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The variable N-terminal region of DDX5 contains structural elements and auto-inhibits its interaction with NS5B of hepatitis C virusDutta, S; Gupta, G; Choi, YW; Kotaka, M; Fielding, BC; Song, J; Tan, YJ2012117
Variations in blood flow on mandibular glandular secretion to autonomic nervous stimulations in anesthetized dogsLung, MA199060
Variations of mt1 melatonin receptor density in the rat uterus during decidualization, the estrous cycle and in response to exogenous steroid treatmentZhao, H; Pang, SF; Poon, AMS200269
Vascular adaptive response in chronic liver hypoxiaTipoe, GL; Lau, YH; Fung, ML; Liong, E; Nanji, AA200474
Vasoactive factors regulate the excitability of carotid chemoreceptorsFung, ML200269
Vasocontractile and vasorelaxant muscarinic receptors in canine nasal venous vesselsLung, MAKY; Wang, M200585
Vasorelaxant effect of total flavones from Dendranthema morifolium on rat thoracic aortaJin, HF; Shan, QX; Jiang, HD; Tu, J; Bruce, IC; Xia, Q2003276
Venous adenosine content and vascular responses in dog hind-limb skeletal muscles during twitch contraction.Ballard, HJ; Cotterrell, D; Karim, F198768
Ventilatory response of hypercapnia in the unanesthetized, decerebrate, newborn ratZhou, D; Huang, Q; Fung, ML; Li, A; Darnall, RA; Nattie, EE; St. John, WM1996105
Vestibular afferent connection in vestibular efferent nucleus of ratsLi, C; Zhang, YK; Guan, Z; Chan, YS200373
Vestibular afferent innervation in the vestibular efferent nucleus of ratsLi, C; Zhang, YK; Guan, ZL; Shum, DKY; Chan, YS2005121
Vestibular function of saccule in cats as indicated by the response of Deiters' nucleus to static tiltsChan, YS; Hwang, JC; Cheung, YM197995
Vestibular influence on central cardiovascular regulation in the rat: functional and anatomical aspectsSun, Bing; 孫冰2003196
A volatile inhibitor immobilizes sea urchin sperm in semen by depressing the intracellular pHJohnson, CH; Clapper, DL; Winkler, MM; Lee, HC; Epel, D198361
The voltage-sensitive Na+/H+ exchange in sea urchin spermatozoa flagellar membrane vesicles studied with an entrapped pH probeLee, HC198543
Voluntary oral feeding of rats not requiring a very high fat diet is a clinically relevant animal model of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)Tipoe, GL; Ho, CT; Liong, EC; Leung, TM; Lau, TYH; Fung, ML; Nanji, AA2009123
'When' and 'Where': acquisition of spatial navigationChan, YS201155
Why is the itchyness following mosquito bite?Fung, ML199878
Why is the left handedness?Fung, ML199776
Wide distribution of an enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of cyclic ADP-riboseLee, HC; Aarhus, R199363
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