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A comparative study on initial prothesis stability fixed by strontium-containing hydroxyapatite comparing with polymethyl methacrylate bonecementWang, Ting; 王挺2009181
A cross-sectional comparison study of the plantar pressure and gait characteristic of patient with rheumatoid arthritisLau, Sze-man; 劉詩敏2010219
A macro, nano level study to evaluate the impact of Trp2 allele in theα 2 chain of collagen IX on the biomechanics of human intervertebraldiscs and disc collagensAladin Kaderbatcha, Darwesh Mohideen.2007372
A retrospective study of changes in sexual behavior after total hip arthroplasty in individuals under 55 years oldYung, Kai-cheong.; 翁啟昌.2012159
A study on early changes of the cartilage and subchondral bone in osteoarthritis with a spontaneous and aging-related guinea pig modelWang, Ting; 王挺201330
An investigation of biomechanical properties of collagen fibrils extracted from osteoarthritic and osteoporotic cartilagesFong, Man-kit.; 方文傑.2012111
Anti-bacteria plasma-treated metallic surface for orthopaedics useLeung, Kit-ying; 梁潔瑩2008227
Biocompatibility and efficacy of a new synthetic polymer, crosslinked urethane-doped polyester elastomers (CUPEs), as nerve conduit forreconstruction of segmental peripheral nerve defect using rat modelYip, Siu-leung.; 葉紹亮.2010188
Biomechanical comparative study of the JuggerKnotTM soft anchor technique with other common mallet finger fracture fixationtechniquesCheung, Pui-yin, Jason.; 鍾培言.2012197
Biomechanics of the intervertebral disc allograft transplantationLam, Ka-lok, Stephen; 林家樂2009160
BMP2 gene delivery mediated by chitosan-ss-PEI non-viral vector and investigation of BMP2 signaling regulationZhao, Xiaoli; 赵晓丽2011308
Brain derived neurotrophic factors (BDNF) and seprafilm® adhesion barrier on sciatic nerve regeneration in ratsLau, Chi-yan, Jane.; 劉至欣.2009408
Chasing evoked potentials: novel approaches to identify brain EEG responses at single-trial levelHu, Li; 胡理2010209
Design and development of a new prosthetic device for proximal interphalangeal joint replacementLam, Kwok-wai; 林國偉2007331
Development of a novel spinal implant for progressive scoliosis correctionYeung, Wai-kwok, Kelvin.; 楊偉國.2004991
Development of whole disc organ culture system and acellular disc scaffold for intervertebral disc engineeringChan, Kit-ying; 陳潔瑩2010199
Differential changes in lumbar muscle activity and paraspinal stiffness during asymmetrical leg movementWong, Yu-lok.; 黃宇樂.2009286
Electromyographic characterization of functional status of back musculature: applications in low back painrehabilitationMak, Nin-fung, Joseph.; 麥年豐.2009260
Establishment of osteolysis model in rabbit and evaluation of bisphosphonate interventionZhu, Yinghua.; 朱穎華.2004190
Evaluation of conventional and dynamic ankle foot: orthosis in cerebral palsy subjects using gaitanalysisLam, W. K.; 林永佳.2003932
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