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10 year study on finger fracture, 1984-1994Ip, WY; Chow, SP19951,064
10-year study on finger fractures (1984-1994)Ip, WY; Chow, SP; Ng, KH1994180
166 cases of mycobacterium marinum tenosynovitis of the hand and wrist: clinical features, management and resultsCheung, JPY201056
166 cases of mycobacterium marinum tenosynovitis of the hand and wrist: Clinical features, management and resultsCheung, JPY; Fung, B; Ip, WY201196
166 cases of Mycobaterium Marinum Tenosynovitis of the Hand and Wrist: Clinical Features. Management and ResultsCheung, JPY; Fung, BKK; Wong, SSY; Ip, WY2011110
2008 young investigator award: The role of congenitally fused cervical segments upon the space available for the cord and associated symptoms in klippel-feil patientsSamartzis, D; Kalluri, P; Herman, J; Lubicky, JP; Shen, FH2008198
2010 IFSSH Hand SurgeryCheung, JPY2010154
3-D center of gravity mapping: a new method for assessment of FES assisted paraplegic walking efficiencyMing, D; Wan, BK; Hu, Y; Leong, JCY2004144
3-D motion measurement of the spine and chest cage in normal and adolescent idiopathic scolioticsLu, WW; Leong, JCY; Luk, KDK; Karlberg, E1998180
3-D rib cage movement during deep breathingLeong, JCY; Lu, WW; Luk, KDK; Lee, MK1995166
30th anniversary 1961-1992.1992263
3D co-culture of human osteoarthristis chondrocyte and mesenchymal stem cellsDiao, H; Yan, CH; Chan, BP201290
3D Solubility Diagram for Calcium Phosphates by Solid TitrationPan, H; Darvell, BW2008199
A 68-year-old man with gradual onset of low-back pain.Peh, WC; Luk, KD; Gilula, LA1996205
A comparative study on initial prothesis stability fixed by strontium-containing hydroxyapatite comparing with polymethyl methacrylate bonecementWang, Ting; 王挺2009182
A cross-sectional comparison study of the plantar pressure and gait characteristic of patient with rheumatoid arthritisLau, Sze-man; 劉詩敏2010223
A macro, nano level study to evaluate the impact of Trp2 allele in theα 2 chain of collagen IX on the biomechanics of human intervertebraldiscs and disc collagensAladin Kaderbatcha, Darwesh Mohideen.2007375
A new implant for distal radius fracture fixation: from design to testingHo, Pak-hong, Henry.; 何柏康2002267
A retrospective study of changes in sexual behavior after total hip arthroplasty in individuals under 55 years oldYung, Kai-cheong.; 翁啟昌.2012161
A study on early changes of the cartilage and subchondral bone in osteoarthritis with a spontaneous and aging-related guinea pig modelWang, Ting; 王挺201330
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