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Machinery considerations for collision avoidance in crowded harboursLam, WC; Bakountouzis, LN199491
Machinery constraints in modern ship propulsionBakountouzis, LN1995109
Machining tactics for interior corners of pocketsChoy, HS; Chan, KW2002121
Macroscale heat transfer in nanofluidsFan, J; Wang, L2009139
Macroscopic equations for vapor transport in a multi-layered unsaturated zoneNg, CO1999111
Macroscopic numerical simulations of wind conditions in high-rise building clusters using a porous turbulence modelHang, J; Li, Y; Yang, L2010206
Macroscopic shear bands in cross-rolled α brassLee, CS; Hui, WT; Duggan, BJ199038
Macroscopic simulations of turbulent flows through high-rise building arrays using a porous turbulence modelHang, J; Li, Y2012141
Magic microfluidic T-junctions: Valving and bubblingWang, L; Zhang, Y; Cheng, L2009199
Magnetic force aided compliant needle navigation and needle performance analysisTang, L; Chen, Y; He, X200883
Magnetoelastic fracture of soft ferromagnetic materialsFang, DN; Wan, YP; Soh, AK2004539
The main factor influencing the tensile properties of surface nano-crystallized graded materialsLi, J; Chen, S; Wu, X; Soh, A; Lu, J201077
Major factors in rapid prototyping of mechanismsChen, Y; Chen, Z2010102
Making data banks more useful with knowledge-embedded data-base systemsSoh, CheeKiong; Soh, AiKah; Lai, KumYew199371
Manipulation of viscous all-aqueous jets by electrical chargingSong,Y; Liu, Z; Kong, T; Shum, HC201332
Manufacture and characterisation of a bioactive and biodegradable composite developed for bone tissue repairLiu, Y; Wang, M2005456
Manufacture and evaluation of bioactive and biodegradable materials and scaffolds for tissue engineeringWang, M; Chen, LJ; Ni, J; Weng, J; Yue, CY200173
Marangoni magneto electroconvection in a poorly conducting fluid-saturated porous layer cooled from below in the presence of the electric and magnetic fieldsRudraiah, N; Ng, CO2008101
Mass transfer from fluidized bedsYeung, Shuk-wa.; 楊淑華1973182
Mass transport and set-ups due to partial standing surface waves in a two-layer viscous systemNg, CO2004287
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