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Waring-Goldbach problem for unlike powersRen, XM; Tsang, KM200782
The Waring-Goldbach Problem for Unlike PowersRen, X; Tsang, KM2007146
Waring-Goldbach problem for Unlike Powers IIRen, X; Tsang, KM2007112
Wavelength allocation on trees of ringsDeng, X; Li, G; Zang, W200063
Wavelet Algorithms for De-blurring ModelsNg, KP; Sze, CK; Yung, SP200495
Wavelet algorithms for deblurring modelsNg, MK; Sze, CK; Yung, SP2004141
Wavelet based methods on patterned fabric defect detectionNgan, HYT; Pang, GKH; Yung, SP; Ng, MK2005229
Weighted composition operatorsKwok, Ka-keung.; 郭家強1993319
Weighted composition operators between Lp-spacesLo, Ching-on.; 盧靜安2002558
Weighted composition operators on Lorentz spacesHuang, Shangting.; 黃尚廷.2008298
Weighted Local Least Squares Imputation Method for Missing Value EstimationChing, WK; Cheng, K; Li, L; Tsing, NK; Wong, AST2007109
Weighted local least squares imputation method for missing value estimationChing, WK; Cheng, KW; Li, L; Tsing, NK; Wong, AST2007107
A Weighted Local Least Squares Imputation method for missing value estimation in microarray gene expression dataChing, WK; Li, L; Tsing, NK; Tai, CW; Ng, TW; Wong, AS; Cheng, KW2010191
A weighted q-gram method for glycan structure classificationLi, L; Ching, WK; Yamaguchi, T; AokiKinoshita, KF2010179
Weyl group elements associated to conjugacy classesChan, Kei-yuen.; 陳佳源.2010224
When is the multiaffine image of a cube a convex polygon?Tsing, NK; Tits, AndrL1993167
Which inscribed N-gon in an ellipse has the longest perimeter?Siu, MK; Tsang, KM1996111
Width-Integrals and Affine Surface Area of Convex BodiesCheung, WS; Zhao, CJ2008250
Wilker- and Huygens-type inequalities and solution to Oppenheim's problemChen, CP; Cheung, WS2012150
Ω±-Results of the error term in the mean square formula of the Riemann zeta-function in the critical stripLau, YK; Tsang, KM200145
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