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A Tabu Search Based Algorithm for Cargo Loading ProblemPan, L; Huang, JZ; Chu, SCK2008163
Tabu search-based techniques for clustering data setsWong, Chung-sze.; 黃頌詩2001266
Tame and wild coordinates of K[z][x, y]Yu, J; Drensky, VS2000550
Tame and wild coordinates of Z[x,y]Yu, J; Lam, CM200499
Tame and wild coordinates of ℤ[x,y]Lam, CM; Yu, JT200469
Tame automorphisms fixing a variable of free associative algebras of rank threeDrensky, V; Yu, JT200770
A Tandem Queueing System for Two Types of Customers with ApplicationsChing, WK; Luo, G; Zhang, S200797
A Tandem Queueing System with ApplicationsChing, WK; Choi, S; Li, T200782
A tandem queueing system with applications to pricing strategyChing, WK; Choi, SM; Li, T; Leung, IKC2009216
TDI system and its application to approximation algorithmsCai, Maocheng; Deng, Xiaotie; Zang, Wenan199861
Test elements and retracts of free Lie algebrasMikhalev, AA; Yu, JT1997110
Test elements, retracts and automorphic orbitsGong, SJ; Yu, JT200874
Test elements, retracts and automorphic orbits of free algebrasMikhalev, AA; Yu, JT1998120
Test polynomials for automorphisms of polynomial and free associate algebrasDrensky, VS; Yu, J1998111
Test Polynomials for Automorphisms of Polynomial and Free Associative AlgebrasDrensky, V; Yu, JT199881
Test polynomials, retracts, and the Jacobian conjectureYu, J; Shpilrain, V2005113
Text subspace clustering with feature weighting and ontologiesJing, Liping.; 景麗萍.2007356
The algebraic structure and computation of Schur ringsShiu, Wai-chee.; 邵慰慈1992183
The basis for space of cusp forms and Petersson trace formulaNg, Ming-ho.; 吳銘豪.2012188
The best circulant preconditioners for ill-conditioned toeplitz systemsYip, Ming-ham.; 葉明亨2000214
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