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S-duality in Vafa-Witten theory for non-simply laced gauge groupsWu, S2008167
S-normality and polygonal s-numerical rangesSze, Chuen-kan.; 施泉根.1997423
Schur rings over dihedral groups of order 2pShiu, Wai-chee.; 邵慰慈1989260
Second fundamental forms of holomorphic isometries of the Poincaré disk into bounded symmetric domains and their boundary behavior along the unit circleMok, N; Ng, SC200972
The Second Main Theorem on Generalized Parabolic ManifoldsWong, P; Wong, PPW200848
A Second Main Theorem on ℙn for difference operatorWong, PM; Law, HF; Wong, PPW200983
Secord-order cusp forms and mixed mock modular formsBringmann, K; Kane, B201318
Segment and track neurons in 3D by repulsive snake methodCai, H; Xu, X; Lu, J; Lichtman, J; Yung, SP; Wong, STC2005216
Seiberg-Witten TheoryWu, S2005112
A semi-supervised regression model for mixed numerical and categorical variablesNg, MK; Chan, EY; So, MMC; Ching, WK2007189
Separating maps between function spacesCheong, Chi-weng; 張志榮2008214
Separation energies of nuclei and N, Z-dependence of Woods-Saxon type shell model potentialsHo, Siu-wing.; 何兆榮1973203
The Serre problem on Riemann surfacesMok, N198160
Several splitting criteria for vector bundles and reflexive sheavesYau, S; Ye, F201326
Shape-constrained repulsive snake method to segment and track neurons in 3D microscopy imagesCai, H; Xu, X; Lu, J; Lichtman, J; Yung, SP; Wong, STC2006131
Sharp Cusa and Becker-Stark inequalitiesChen, CP; Cheung, WS2011167
Sharp discrete inequalities and applications to discrete variational problemsCheung, WS20091,692
Sharp integral inequalities involving high-order partial derivativesZhao, CJ; Cheung, WS200863
Sharpness of Wilker and Huygens type inequalitiesChen, CP; Cheung, WS2012139
Shifted convolution sums of Fourier coefficients of cusp formsLau, YK; Liu, J; Ye, Y2007170
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