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Quality enhancement and segmentation for biomedical imagesCai, Hongmin.; 蔡宏民.2007917
Quantitative version of the joint distribution of eigenvalues of the Hecke operatorsLau, YK; Wang, Y201167
Quantity discount contract for supply chain coordination with false failure returnsHuang, X; Choi, SM; Ching, WK2010209
A quantity-time-based dispatching policy for a VMI systemChing, WK; Tai, AH2005140
Quantum adiabatic theorem and universal holonomyWu, S198882
Radial Blaschke-Minkowski homomorphisms and volume differencesZhao, C; Cheung, WS201173
Radial mean bodies of simplicesNi, JH; Xiong, G; Cheung, WS200785
Ramsey Functions Involving K(m,n) with n LargeLi, Y; Tang, X; Zang, W2005105
Ramsey functions involving Km,n largeLi, Y; Tang, X; Zang, W200567
Ramsey numbers involving large dense graphs and bipartite Turán numbersLi, Y; Zang, W200372
Random iteration of analytic mapsBeardon, AF; Carne, TK; Minda, D; Ng, TW2004515
Random WalkThe University of Hong Kong; Ching, Wai Ki2004376
A random walk on a circular pathChing, WK; Lee, MS2005129
A randomized approach to the capacity of finite-state channelsHan, G201320
A real option approach to optimal inventory management of retail productsHuang, X; Song, N; Ching, WK; Siu, TK; Yiu, KFC2012264
Realizing degree sequences with graphs having nowhere-zero 3-flowsLuo, R; Xu, R; Zang, W; Zhang, CQ2008161
Recent Advance in Data Mining and ModelingChing, WK; Ng, KP200397
Recent Advances in Scientific Computing and Matrix AnalysisChing, WK; Zhu, D2011110
Recent progress on a problem of A. BakerLiu, MC; Tsang, KM1993106
Recent progress on the Dirichlet divisor problem and the mean square of the Riemann zeta-functionTsang, KM2010146
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