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Packing circuits in matroidsDing, G; Zang, W2009217
Packing cycles in graphsDing, G; Zang, W2002124
Packing cycles in graphs, IIDing, G; Xu, Z; Zang, W2003140
Parallel Computing Methods for Planetary Fluid Dynamics.Chan, KH; Li, L2007207
Parameter Estimation for Fractional Ornstein–Uhlenbeck Processes with Discrete ObservationsHu, Y; Song, J201334
Parametrizations of algebraic curvesBeardon, AF; Ng, TW200699
A parasite vector-host epidemic model for TSE propagationNg, TW; Turinici, G; Ching, WK; Chung, SK; Danchin, A2007158
Partition spacesWong, Yim-ming.; 黃炎明1970207
Partitions of the wonderful group compactificationLu, JH; Yakimov, M2007121
Peak Detection with Chemical Noise Removal Using Short-Time FFT for prOTOF MS DataZhang, S; Zhou, X; Wang, H; Suffredini, A; Gonzales, D; Ching, WK; Ng, KP; Wong, STC2007136
Peak reduction technique in commutative algebraYu, J; Shpilrain, V199985
Peak reduction technique in commutative algebra: a surveyYu, J; Shpilrain, V199984
Perfect arrays and menon difference setsChan, Wai-kiu.; 陳偉僑1991277
Perfect circular arc coloringChen, X; Hu, Z; Zang, W2005116
Perfect tensors, recurrent tensors and parallel planesMok, Kam-ping; 莫錦屛1972239
Performance analysis based Markov theory for hybrid control serial production linesTang, Y; Huang, M; Ching, WK201066
Performance analysis for a hospital pneumatic tube systemChu, SCK1997111
Periodic solutions for p-Laplacian differential equation with multiple deviating argumentsCheung, WS; Ren, J200566
Periodic Solutions for p-Laplacian Duffing Equations with a Deviating ArgumentCheung, WS; Ren, J2008224
Periodic solutions for p-Laplacian Liénard equation with a deviating argumentCheung, WS; Ren, J200458
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