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Narrow-channel effect in MOSFETLi, Eddie Herbert.; 李華剛19901,621
Near optimal lot-sizing policies for multi-stage production/inventory systemsChan, Lap-mui, Ann.; 陳立梅1990271
Necessary conditions for the exact observability of systems on Hilbert spacesXu, GQ; Liu, C; Yung, SP2008119
Negativity of curvature on spaces parametrizing Hodge decompositions of reduced first cohomology groupsMok, N2003303
A new bound k2/3+ε for Rankin-Selberg L-functions for Hecke congruence subgroupsLau, YK; Liu, J; Ye, Y200665
New classes of test polynomials for polynomial algebrasYu, J; Feng, K200084
New classes of test polynomials of polynomial algebrasFeng, K; Yu, J199967
A new estimation method for multivariate Markov chain model with application in demand predictionsZhu, DM; Ching, WK2010154
A new generation of convection-driven spherical dynamos using EBE finite element methodChan, KH; Zhang, K; Li, L; Liao, X2007150
New identities involving sums of the tails related to real quadratic fieldsBringmann, K; Kane, B201019
A new multiple regression approach for the construction of genetic regulatory networksZhang, SQ; Ching, WK; Tsing, NK; Leung, HY; Guo, D2010284
New Multivariate Markov Chain Model with Applications to Sales Demand ForecastingChing, WK; Li, L; Li, T; Zhang, S2007105
A new nonlinear diffusion method to improve image qualityZhang, Y; Xu, X; Cai, H; Yung, SP; Wong, STC2006212
A new optimization model for the construction of markov chainsChing, WK; Cong, Y2009106
New realizations of the maximal satake compactifications of riemannian symmetric spaces of noncompact typeJi, L; Lu, JH200474
New representations for the euler-mascheroni constant and inequalities for the generalized-euler-constant functionChen, CP; Cheung, WS2012178
Non-axisymmetric spherical interface dynamosChan, KH; Liao, X; Zhang, K; Jones, CA200470
Non-classical polar unitals in finite Figueroa planesHui, MW; Wong, PPW201269
Non-extendable isomorphisms between affine varietiesShpilrain, V; Yu, JT2002100
Non-linear Optimisation and Traffic Demand EstimationChing, WK2002109
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