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Machine learning methods for computational biologyLi, Limin; 李丽敏2010385
Machine repairing models for manufacturing systemsChing, Wai Ki; Zhou, Xun Yu199682
Machine repairing models for production systemsKi Ching, W2001148
The Malfatti Problem in nineteenth-century ChinaSiu, MK; Chan, YC201315
A manpower allocation model of job specializationChu, SCK; Lin, CKY199384
Manpower allocation problem: an approach of mathematical programming with variable coefficientsChu, SCK; Lin, CKY1991100
Manpower planning for airport baggage service: data models, goals programming models and DSSZhu, Minyue.; 朱旻月.2008405
Manufacturing Systems with Fuzzy Backlog CostChing, WK2002127
Mappings on matrices: Invariance of functional values of matrix productsChan, JT; Li, CK; Sze, NS200683
Mappings preserving spectra of products of matricesChan, JT; Li, CK; Sze, NS2007446
Markov chain models for re-manufacturing systems and credit risk managementLi, Tang; 李唐2008448
Markov Chains : Models, Algorithms and Applications, International Series on Operations Research and Management ScienceChing, WK; Ng, KP2006115
Markov chains: models, algorithms and applications (2nd ed.)Ching, WK; Huang, X; Ng, MK; Siu, TK201339
Markov-modulated Poisson processes for multi-location inventory problemsChing, WK199780
Markovian approximation for manufacturing systems of unreliable machines in tandemChing, WK2001113
A Markovian infectious model for dependent default riskGu, JW; Ching, WK; Siu, TK2011175
A Markovian model for default risk in a network of sectorsChing, WK; Leung, HY; Jiang, H; Sun, L2009109
Markowitz's Mean-Variance Asset-Liability Management With Regime Switching: A Time-Consistent ApproachYam, SC; Wei, JQ; WONG, KC; Yung, SP201324
Mathai-Quillen FormalismWu, S2006131
Mathematical analysis of super-resolution methodologyNg, MK; Bose, NK2003883
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