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Identifying projected clusters from gene expression profilesYip, KY; Cheung, DW; Ng, MK; Cheung, KH2004233
Identity polynomials and test polynomialsYu, J199785
Image compression by using mathematical transformChan, Hau-yin.; 陳巧燕1999441
Image reconstruction with multisensorsSze, Nang-keung.; 施能強2001493
Images of coordinate polynomialsMikhalev, AA; Yu, J; Zolotykh, AA1997125
Images of linear coordinates in polynomial algebras of rank twoChan, San-toi.; 陳晨代2001255
Impact of Secondary Market on Consumer Return Policies and Supply Chain CoordinationHUANG, X; GU, J; Ching, WK; Siu, T20149
Imprimitive parametrization of analytic curves and factorizations of entire functionsNg, TW2001134
An improved multivariate Markov chain model for credit riskChing, WK; Siu, TK; Li, LM; Jiang, H; Li, T; Li, WK2009605
An improved W+ theorem for S1(t)Tsang, KM1991126
An improved ω+ theorem for S1(t)Tsang, KM199150
Improving revenue management: a real option approachChing, WK; Li, X; Siu, KTK; Wu, Z201074
Incentive effects of common and separate queues with multiple servers: The principal-agent perspectiveChoi, SM; Ching, WK; Huang, M2009113
Incentive effects of multiple-server queueing networks: the principal-agent perspectiveChoi, SM; Huang, X; Ching, WK; Huang, M2011136
Inclusion measures of convex bodies (II)Xiong, G; Cheung, WS200767
Inclusion relations on eigenvalues of principal submatricesTsing, NK199498
The Independence Number of Graphs with a Forbidden Cycle and Ramsey NumbersLi, Y; Zang, W2003196
Inducing high service capacities in outsourcing via penalty and competitionChing, WK; Choi, SM; Huang, X2011168
Inducing optimal service capacities via performance-based allocation of demand in a queueing system with multiple serversChoi, SM; Huang, X; Ching, WK2010220
Inequalities for differences of Dyson's rank for all odd moduliBringmann, K; Kane, B201018
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