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A discourse analysis in "Kong boy" and "Kong girl"Lam, Wai-keung.; 林偉強2009747
A male 'look' versus a female 'look': a comparison of Kurosawa's and Ozu's filmsLam, Oi-wah.; 林愛華.2002294
A postmodern poetics of the group package tourLeung, Sai-chung, Arthur.; 梁世聰2002194
A study of Hong Kong popular song lyrics from 1970s to 1990sYip, Ka-man.; 葉嘉敏2000501
A study of marginality in Ann Hui's filmsLeung, Nim-ming.; 梁念明.2000331
Adaptation of Hong Kong films in 1990'sLee, Sin-man.; 李善雯.2000248
All about sexuality: gender studies in Pedro Almodovar's filmsLam, Sze-man; 林思敏20043,784
Analysing female desire: queer theory in contemporary cinemaLee, Chi-kwan, Anita.; 李至君.1998294
Ann Hui as a female filmmaker: in search of Hong Kong cultureHo, Chui-fun, Selina.; 何翠芬.1998317
Artistic dribblings: cultural relocation of Hong Kong's contemporary visual art scene ten years after the handoverDeschka, Anne.2007194
Auteur in 3 minutes: authorship in music videoSo, Augustine.; 蘇曉衡.2011358
Autism: narrative and representation in postmodern fictionLeung, Ching-man; 梁靜雯2012333
Carnivalesque adventures in Kiss of the spider woman and Nights at thecircusChan, Siu-wai, Sylvia.; 陳小惠.2004379
Characterization of detective figure as a site of negotiation of modernism and postmodernism in the 21st centuryMa, Chun-laam.; 馬鎮嵐.2011310
Chinese elitism and neoliberalism: post-colonial Hong Kong cultural policy development : a case studyChow, Vivienne Manchi.; 周敏芝.2012130
Constructing ruins: new urban aesthetics in Chinese art and cinemaChu, Kiu-wai.; 朱翹瑋2009274
Constructing the identity of the American South: the GrandissimesLin, Mau-tong, Kitty; 練茂棠.2000232
Constructions of the subject: sexuality in Rice's "Lestat" and Meyer's "Edward"Van Bever Donker, Marjolein Hanny C.2011158
Consuming the pastNgai, Chuen-tai, Lydia.; 危轉娣.1996201
Controlling women: sexuality, imperialism andpowerPun, Sing-mei.; 潘星薇1998224
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