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Reader self-perception and academic reading achievement of the junior form students of a local secondary school: implications for a reading programCheung, Ching-po.; 張淸波.2001200
Reading Chinese sentences: the relationship between syntactic and semantic processingWong, Wei-wah, Claudia.; 黃惠華.2004416
Reading depends on writing, in ChineseTan, LH; Spinks, JA; Eden, GF; Perfetti, CA; Siok, WT2005363
Reading in two writing systems: Accommodation and assimilation of the brain's reading networkPerfetti, CA; Liu, Y; Fiez, J; Nelson, J; Bolger, DJ; Tan, LH2007304
Reading strategies used by S6 students in Hong KongTong, Sui-leung, Thomas.; 唐瑞良.2003291
Recognising the end of a sentence-in-progressLuke, KK200291
Reconfiguration of the perceptual space during second language speech learningShuai, L; Gong, T201213
The relationship between conversational self-repair and syntactic structureLuke, KK; Zhang, W1998150
The relationship between syntactic structure and self-repair in conversationLuke, KK; Zhang, W2001119
Relative clauses and the word order typology of Chinese: a parsing perspectiveMatthews, SJ1997102
Relative clauses and word-order variation in SiniticAnsaldo, U1998113
Relative clauses in Cantonese-English bilingual children: Typological challenges and processing motivationsYip, V; Matthews, S2007197
Relative clauses in Cantonese: an LFG approachSoong, Kwan-hung.; 宋君鴻.2009352
Relative clauses in early bilingual development: transfer and universalsYip, V; Matthews, SJ2000124
Relative clauses in early bilingual development: transfer and universalsMatthews, SJ; Yip, V2002127
Relativization in DagaareBodomo, AB; Hiraiwa, K2004111
Relativization in Dàgáárè and its typological implications: Left-headed but internally-headedBodomo, A; Hiraiwa, K2010231
Repair in Chinese conversationZhang, Wei.; 張惟1998717
Repair in teacher-student interaction inside the classroomHo, Yee-wan, Yvonne.; 何綺雲.2006229
Replacement and reorganisation as structural relationships between adjacent sentence constituentsLuke, KK; Zhang, W199973
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