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Particulization in Cantonese: an areal perspectiveMatthews, SJ; Leung, TC200166
Passive and unaccusative in the jieyang dialect of chaozhouMatthews, S; Xu, H; Yip, V2005235
Passives in Chaozhou dialects: syntactic properties and grammaticalizationMatthews, SJ; Xu, HL; Yip, V199968
Paths and Pathfinders: Exploring the Syntax and Semantics of Complex Verbal Predicates in Dagaare and other Languages. Doctoral dissertationBodomo, AB199794
Peer feedback and self review in ESL writing of Chinese studentsGhosh, Sanjukta.1998337
Perceptions among tertiary-level Mainland Chinese students in Hong Kong and their teachers regarding English as a second language (ESL)learning activitiesKan, Mei.; 簡微.2007209
Perceptions of using language arts activities in teaching short stories: a case studyChoi, Ching-ha, Maggie.; 蔡青霞.2006252
A phonetic study of the prosodic properties of bisyllabic compounds in Hong Kong CantoneseLuke, KK; Chen, FX; Lee, WS; Shen, LQ200198
Phonological and orthographic working memory in normal and dyslexic Chinese childrenYang, J; Siok, WT; Chan, HD; Chen, L; Tan, LH200587
Phonological awareness and naming speed in good and poor Chinese readersKang, Cuiping.; 康翠萍.2004330
Phonological awareness and reading ability in Japanese childrenYoshida, Tomoko.2005245
Phonological awareness and the ability to read English as a second languageKwok, Ka-man.; 郭家敏.2006208
Phonological re-interpretation: the assignment of Cantonese tones to English words.Luke, KK2000162
Phonological variation: the case of the syllable-final velar nasal in CantoneseWong, Suet-yin.; 黃雪妍.2005261
Pidgin English texts from the Chinese English Instructor.Li, MKL; Matthews, SJ; Smith, GPS2005198
Portfolio assessment in secondary education: the case of one school in Hong KongPrasad, Nishita.2003623
The Positioning of Cantonese Adverbs: A Qualitative AnalysisWong, LY200177
Post-completion constituents as incremental units in conversational turn-takingLuke, KK200274
Post-modifiers in the Cantonese NP 《粵語名詞組中的後置修飾語》Luke, KK1998186
Postposed sentential constituents as post-completion devices in conversational turn-takingLuke, KK1998109
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