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Keeping an 'I' out: a discourse analysis of Bridget Jones's DiaryWong, She-luk, Caroline.; 黃書鹿.2006517
L1 effect on L2 acquisition: an investigationon Hong Kong bilingualsTang, Hoi-yee, Cindy.; 鄧凱兒.2006449
L1 influence on Cantonese as a second language among adult Putonghua-speaking learners in Hong KongLau, Mung-ha; 劉夢霞201046
L1 influence on the learning of English among high school students in Harbin: a case study of adverbialplacementHu, Yuxiu, Lucille.; 胡玉秀.2006430
L1 influence on the learning of some syntactic structures among Hong Kong students of English: a case study ofprepositional placementChan, Che-lee, Pamela.; 陳芷莉.2003752
Language affects patterns of brain activation associated with perceptual decisionTan, LH; Chan, AHD; Kay, P; Khong, PL; Yip, LKC; Luke, KK2008149
Language and Literacy in the information age: new forms, new media, new toolsBodomo, AB; Lee, KM200189
Language and society in early Hong Kong (1841-1884)Zhang, Zhenjiang.; 張振江.2003321
Language and Society in Hong Kong: The Social Survey of Languages in the 1980'sBolton, KR; Luke, KK1999148
Language attitudes of Hong Kong students towards English, Cantonese and PutonghuaLee, Sze-yan.; 李詩甄.20051,668
Language behaviour in Hong Kong children with autistic disorderTam, Siu-ling; 譚小玲2010411
Language choice on the internet: the use of written Cantonese on web sitesChiu, Wai-nga.; 趙慧雅2005234
Language Evolution in Life ScienceGong, T; Shuai, L201232
Language lateralization in young children and adults: Linguistic dimensions matter. Presentation at the 10th International Conference of Human Brain Mapping, BudapestKwok, SW; Siok, WT; Jin, Z; Zeng, Y; Tan, LH2004109
Language mixing and grammatical development in a Cantonese-English balanced bilingual child in Hong KongYiu, Sze-man, Emily.; 姚詩敏.2005297
Language mixing in an English-Cantonese bilingual child with uneven developmentLai, Yee-king, Regine.; 黎爾敬.2006363
Language regions of brain are operative in color perceptionSiok, WT; Kay, P; Wang, WSY; Chan, AHD; Chen, L; Luke, KK; Tan, LH2009104
Language use of a trilingual child in Hong Kong in her solitary pretend play and her interaction with her parentsLui, Blanche F.; 呂麗雯.2004575
Lateralization of the arcuate fasciculus and its differential correlation with reading ability between young learners and experienced readers: A diffusion tensor tractography study in a chinese cohortQiu, D; Tan, LH; Siok, WT; Zhou, K; Khong, PL2011306
Learner corpora and cross-linguistics influence in third language acquisitionYip, V; Matthews, S201213
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