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Feedback on EFL writing in a Hong Kong secondary school: teachers' and students' beliefs and practicesLam, Yuen-yiu, Ada.; 林婉瑤.1999272
Field notes from Guangxi: Zhuang characters for quasi-religious functionsBodomo, AB; Tai, CP2003106
Filipina domestic helpers in Hong Kong and their role in English language learningCrebo, Elaine C.2003424
First language influencing Hong Kong students' English learningMan, So-shan, Susan.; 文素珊.2006379
fMRI of Chinese reading disabilitySiok, WT200375
An fMRI study of Chinese reading in primary school childrenJin, Z; Xu, S; Zhang, L; Xue, G; Zeng, Y; Fei, J; Wang, Z; Tan, LH2002114
An fMRI study of neural circuitry of nouns and verbs in early bilinguals’ brainChan, HD; Li, G; Tan, LH200580
Fostering learner autonomy among weak students via information technologyLeung, Kit-mui, Annie; 梁潔梅2004693
From 'inverted sentences' to sentence incrementation in discourseLuke, KK2002143
From letters to sound: the dyslexic bridge toreadingChan, Siu-ling; 陳小玲2005315
From pronominalizer to pragmatic marker: Implications for unidirectionality from a crosslinguistic perspectiveYap, FH; Matthews, SJ; Horie, K2003171
Functional anatomy of reading developmentTan, LH; Siok, WT; Chen, L; Eden, G200591
Functional anatomy of syntactic and semantic processing in language comprehensionLuke, KK; Liu, HL; Wai, YY; Wan, YL; Tan, LH2002126
Functional brain imaging of languageTan, LH; Gao, JH; Fox, PT200380
Functional categories in bilingual L1A: Evidence from a Cantonese-English bilingual childYip, V; Matthews, SJ; Leung, I200156
Functional MRI research on language processing in Chinese children andadultsKwok, Sze-wei.; 郭思蔚.2004297
A further contrastive study of some form words in Wu and Yue dialectsLuke, KK; Zhang, H2001111
Gender differences in learning English writing in Hong KongNg, Sau-ling; 吳秀玲2010583
Gender differences of reading ability in Chinese childrenJia, Fanlu.; 贾凡路.201386
Grammaticalization and Greenberg's word order correlationsCollins, Jeremy Charles.201264
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