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Results 1841 to 1860 of 2496
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A Quarter of a Century's SOE Reform in ChinaZhang, XC2004101
Quistclose and Romalpa: Ambivalence and ContradicitionHo, L; Smart, P2009534
Race and equality: a study of ethnic minorities in Hong Kong's education system : project report and analysisLoper, Kelley; Unison Hong Kong - For Ethnic Equality.; University of Hong Kong. Centre for Comparative and Public Law.2004557
Race with an Institutional Advantage: A Comparative Study of Competition Law Regime in India and ChinaZhang, XC200696
Racial Equality and the Law: Creating an Effective Statute and Enforcement Model for Hong KongPetersen, CJ2004124
Railway Justice, Whose JusticeZheng, G2010106
Rainy days ahead? a forecast on the Ministerial Conference in Hong KongGao, HS2005170
Rational law, economic development and the case of ChinaChen, AHY1999191
Rational law, economic development and the case of China (in Chinese)Chen, AHY1997130
Re-calibrating interests in equity: co-ownership in equityAitken, LJW2007129
Re-conceptualizing Learning and Assessment for Life-long LearningGlofcheski, RA201320
Re-education through labour in historical perspectiveHualing, F2005378
Re-interpreting the Quistclose Trust: a critique of Chambers' analysisHo, LKS; Smart, PSJ2001172
Realization of mortgage rights amid PRC bankruptcy proceedingsYu, Yueting.; 俞躍汀.2007286
Reassessing Venezuela's Organic Hydrocarbon Law: A Balance Between Sovereignty and Efficiency?Fry, JD; Ibrahim, E201336
Recent changes in the Regulation of Sale of Uncompleted Flats in Hong Kong: has the Government done enough?Goo, SH2010309
Recent Development in Competition Law in Hong KongCheng, KH201057
Recent developments in Corporate Governance in the US, UK and HKGoo, SH200479
Recent developments in damages for personal injury casesLeung, Sew-tung, Thomas.1997297
Recent developments in negligence liabilityGlofcheski, RA1994130
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