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E-commerce Dispute Resolution and Online ArbitrationZhao, Y201099
E-education: the Experience of the University of Hong KongChan, JMM200184
E-Finance in Greater China: Hong Kong SARArner, DW2001110
E-Portfolio and Assessment”Tai, BYT200898
E-Study Manual for Paper 1 – Fundamentals of Securities and Futures Regulation of the Licensing Examination for Securities and Future IntermediariesArner, DW; Johnstone, S2011305
Early Security Council Efforts at Nuclear Non-Proliferation Law and Policy: Cooperation ForgottenFry, JD2012153
East Asian economic integration: law, trade and financeBuckley, RP; Hu, RW; Arner, DW2011130
East Asian governance: implications for policy cooperation, regionalism and financial integrationArner, DW; Lejot, PL; Wang, W2009116
East Asia’s engagement with cosmopolitan ideals under its trade treaty dispute provisionsLim, CL201171
East Timor's Special Panel for Serious Crimes (Contributions to Chapter 2 on International Criminal Tribunal and Mixed Model) and Indonesia's Ad Hoc Court for Human Rights (Chapter 3 on National Prosecutions for International Crimes).Linton, S200992
Economic analysis of a property law systemYu, GH199569
Economic Globalization and International Commercial ArbitrationLynch, KL2001110
Economic Implications of Secured DebtYu, G199796
Economic Legislation in the Pearl River DeltaZhang, XC199977
Economic Reform and 'Black Society' in ChinaGaglord, M; Fu, H1999118
(ed), American Law Series (6 volumes) (in Chinese)Li, Y199968
Edison Chen, Michel Foucault, and the Law of Obscenity in HK.Wan, MMH; Leung, JHC2008161
(eds), The Principles of Hong Kong Law (in Chinese)Li, Y199969
Education, science, culture, sports, religion, labour and social servicesLin, JSW201156
The Education, Training and Language Provisions in Hong Kong's Race Discrimination BillLoper, KA200777
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