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Vendor and purchaser summons: alive and well in Hong KongMerry, M2010318
Vocational Legal Education in Asia - Innovation, Interaction and Information TechnologyChow, WS; Ng, HKM201316
Voyage CharterpartyChan, FWH201334
Wang Xuanhui. Taxation in China 1997/98: Book ReviewsHalkyard, AJ1998312
What caused the multiplicity of international courts and tribunals?Tiba, FK200681
When Government Intervenes: Winding Up Fraudulent Companies in Hong KongBooth, CD199986
When is an architect not an architect?McInnis, A2001136
When Is Service Good Service? Common Difficulties in Effecting Proper Service of Originating Process Within The JurisdictionBooth, CN2002160
Where is the Clinic? A Comparative Overview of Major Clinical Programs in the WorldNg, HKM201314
Who is a Quasi Client?Meggitt, G201316
Whose risk? Managing risk in construction - Who pays?McInnis, A2000247
Wild Animal Conservation in Hong KongWhitfort, AS201217
合約法Cheung, ETM; Lee, RWC2009921
-Tiba, FK200836
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