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The old age pension scheme: a tax by any other nameBooth, CD1994100
On Selection of the Discount Rate for Actuarial Assessment of Damages in Personal Injury Litigation in Hong KongChan, WS; Chan, FWH2003130
One Country, Two (Taxation) SystemsHalkyard, AJ1998190
One Country, Two Systems and Three Disciplines: Interdisciplinary Research of Law, Economics and Actuarial Mathematics in Assessment of Tort DamagesChan, FWH; Chan, WS2010135
The ordering of crime in Republican Beijing from the 1910s to the 1930sNg, HKM201359
Osbert Chadwick versus the menace to public healthMcInnis, A2003186
The Paradigm Shift in Personal Injury Litigation in Hong Kong - Actuarial PerspectivesChan, W.S.; Chan, FWH2004124
PartneringMcInnis, JA1998166
Partnering IIMcInnis, JA1998158
PedestrianisationMcInnis, JA1999212
Personal Injury Tables Hong Kong 2005, Tables for the Calculation of DamagesSarony, N; Chan, WS; Chan, FWH2005179
Personal Injury Tables Hong Kong 2013: Tables for the Calculation of DamagesChan, WS; Chan, FWH; Li, JSH; Sarony, N2013236
Personal Injury Tables Hong Kong: Tables for the Calculation of DamagesSarony, N; Chan, W.S.; Chan, FWH2003466
A Plea for Certainty: Legal and Practical Problems in the Presentation of Non-Negotiable Bills of LadingChan, FWH1999131
Political and Legal Parameters For The Representation of Labour in Hong Kong: Change and Counter-ChangeChow, WS; Fosh, P199978
The Pong Case: Episode IIChow, WS; Lam, CS199989
The Pong Case: Final Encounter?Chow, WS; Law, CSA200089
Pre-commencement considerationsCheung, ETM201167
Pre-contractual Statements: Misrepresentations or Collateral Contracts?Young, JYK2003195
Present Value Assessment of Lost Future Earnings: An Empirical Experience from Hong KongChan, FWH; Chan, WS2009147
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