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Malaysian communications and multimedia commission: a model of unified communications regulator for Hong KongWu, RWS; Zul, KMYB2010176
Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission: A Model of Unified Communications Regulator for Hong KongWu, RWS; Zul, KMYB2010115
Manual on Hong Kong Conveyancing: Law and Practice (2nd ed)Sihombing, JE; Wilkinson, RM199770
Mapping modern legal culture of Republican BeijingNg, MHK201143
Maritime Injuries and Fatal Accidents: The Actuarial Approach to Assessing CompensationChan, FWH2009125
Maritime LiensChan, FWH201345
Mass trials and mode of criminal responsibility for international crimes: the case of EthiopiaTiba, FK201063
Media Policy and Regulation in the Age of Convergence: the Hong Kong experienceWu, RWS; Leung, GLK2000254
Mediation in Hong Kong – A work in progressMeggitt, G201162
Mediation in Hong Kong: A work in progressMeggitt, G2012120
The Mengistu Genocide Trial in EthiopiaTiba, FK2007144
Mistake and rerating: Alstom Combined Cycles Ltd vs Henry Boot Construction LtdMcInnis, A2000373
The Modern Application of the Medieval Law of Maintenance and ChampertyCheung, ETM2004249
Muddying the Waters? The Water Pollution Control Ordinance and Defining Pollution of Rivers and Streams in Hong KongWhitfort, A; Dudgeon, D2004469
Net widens: an expansive interpretation of the general anti-avoidance provision has led to a taxpayer appealing to the Court of First InstanceHalkyard, AJ1998234
New contractors' lien rights in the PRCMcInnis, A; Tan, KH200283
A New Era of Professional Legal Education in Hong KongChow, WS; Chan, FWH; Jen, J; Wu, RWS2010123
A New Mode of Dispute Resolution for Hong KongWilkinson, M; Keane, D2001163
New Occupational Safety and Health Law on the wayMcInnis, JA1997183
New PRC guidelines for foreign contractorsMcInnis, A200293
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