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The Kyoto Protocol comes to Hong KongMcInnis, A2003164
Lading without Bills? The Legal Implications of Electronic Bills of Lading in Hong KongChan, FWH2000149
Lai Wee Lian Revisited - Should Actuarial tables be used for the assessment of damages in personal injury litigation in Singapore?Chan, WS; Chan, FWH2000188
Land Registration Act 2002 of England: lessons on title registration reform for ChinaWu, RWS2011108
Landlord and TenantMerry, MJ; Goo, SH2007112
The Law and Policy for Implementing a Unified Communications Regulator in the United Kingdom and Lessons for Hong KongWu, RWS; Leung, GLK2010226
Law and Policy for Resolving Domain Name Disputes in Hong Kong: Present and FutureWu, RWS2001162
Law Lectures for Practitioners 2000Chan, FWH; Wu, RWS200094
Law lectures for practitioners 2001Wu, RWS; Chan, FWH2001106
Law Lectures for Practitioners 2003Wu, RWS; Chan, FWH2003122
Law Lectures for Practitioners 2004Wu, RWS; Chan, FWH200499
Law Lectures for Practitioners 2004Chan, AYL; Young, JYK2004130
Law Lectures for Practitioners 2005Young, JYK200568
Law lectures for practitioners 2007Cheng, ML; Jen, J; Young, JYK2007114
Law Lectures for Practitioners 2009Young, JYK; Cheng, ML; Jen, J200977
Law Lectures for Practitioners 2010Cheng, ML; Jen, J; Young, JYK201299
The Law of Contract (in Chinese)Cheung, ETM199899
Laws of Taxation in the Hong Kong SARHalkyard, A200172
Lawyers Bribing Judges: A Burning Issue of Legal Ethics in the People's Republic of ChinaWu, RWS2009121
Lawyers’ image and ethics in Hong Kong Television and Films: from social elite to ordinary professionals?Wu, RWS; Leung, GLK201183
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